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Family-oriented, safe, and serene! That's how people often define Overland Park. With a population closer to 200,000, this city is the largest suburb of the Kansas City metropolitan area and the second-largest city in the state and an ideal place to live if you seek refuge from the relentless hustle and bustle of a large city. Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, Overland Park is a city of contrasts, courtesy of its unique climate. The city offers the experience of tranquil summers, inviting you to explore lush parks and engage in numerous outdoor adventures while enchanting winters gracefully blanket the landscape in a glistening embrace.

Amidst this captivating backdrop, Overland Park takes pride in elevating the lifestyle of its residents with robust broadband coverage with an impressive count of 25 internet providers. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive list of the ten best internet providers in Overland Park so you can experience the charm of Overland Park while staying connected with the finest internet providers in town.

  • EarthLink

    Max Speed

    5000 Mbps

    Internet Type

    DSL, Fiber, Fixed Wireless

    Starting From



  • Consolidated Communications

    Max Speed

    1000 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Cable, Fiber

    Starting From


    Consolidated Communications_logo

  • T-Mobile Home Internet

    Max Speed

    182 Mbps

    Internet Type


    Starting From


    T-Mobile Home Internet_logo

Internet Connectivity in Overland Park

While Overland Park's residents may be well aware of their internet options, those considering moving to this serene city can feel overwhelmed or confused by the surplus choices. The city's 100% broadband coverage makes it one of the most connected cities, but it is essential to understand that not all options will be available in every ZIP code. Anticipating a wired internet service may lead to the realization that a wireless service is the only viable choice.

Therefore, gaining a basic overview of Internet Providers in Overland Park is crucial for navigating the competitive market and planning your internet budget. While speed, cost, and availability take center stage as the key considerations, it is imperative to prioritize the factors that matter most to you, be it the fastest connection, the most affordable option, or the overall best service. Moreover, the city boasts an average internet speed of 134 Mbps, but selecting the right provider may give you a higher speed tier. We have compiled a comprehensive table highlighting all these factors to help you make an informed choice tailored to your requirements.

Quick Facts About Overland Park Internet Providers
Average Internet Speed 134 Mbps
Best Internet Provider Spectrum
Fastest Internet Provider AT&T Fiber
Cheapest Internet Provider Consolidated Communications
Most Widely Available ISP Spectrum

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Best Internet Provider in Overland Park

While most companies advertise themselves as the best, their claims often unravel upon closer inspection. With unexpected price hikes, hidden costs, and speeds that fail to live up to expectations, it is easy to lose faith in the search for reliable internet service. However, in a sea of empty promises and underwhelming experiences, one name shines among most internet providers in Overland Park, KS. Spectrum is a reliable choice for those seeking exceptional service. But what sets Spectrum apart from the rest, you might wonder? Let's find out!


With its outstanding reputation and widespread presence across 41 states, Spectrum has firmly established itself as a household name in many areas, including Overland Park. Yet, Spectrum's distinction as one of the best internet providers in Overland Park extends far beyond its mere availability. It is the perfect balance it maintains between two essential factors – speed and affordability.

In contrast to other Internet Providers in Overland Park who force you to compromise either on your wallet or internet speeds, Spectrum presents a high-speed and reasonable internet connection. With Spectrum, you can bid farewell to frustration and welcome a seamless online experience like no other. Its best features include:

Transparent Pricing Structure

Spectrum's transparency about its pricing feels refreshing amidst the internet services with hidden fees and sudden price hikes. The provider lures its customers with its affordable pricing and three enticing speed tiers starting at just $49.99. It is worth noting that this initial pricing structure is introductory, and after 12 months, Spectrum increases the price of all plans by $30.

However, as one of the internet providers in Overland Park, Spectrum lays all the cards on the table from the beginning, ensuring that its customers know exactly what they are getting into before subscribing to any of its plans. This transparency builds trust and empowers customers to make informed decisions. Furthermore, it eliminates any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Spectrum Internet Plans in Overland Park
Plan Price Speed Contact Spectrum
Internet $49.99/mo. 300 Mbps Call 877-410-3834 Now
Internet Ultra $69.99/mo.  500 Mbps  Call 877-410-3834 Now
Internet Gig $89.99/mo. 1000 Mbps Call 877-410-3834 Now
*Speed based on wired connection. Spectrum Internet® Gig’s speed require a capable modem

Fast Internet Speeds

Despite its cable infrastructure, Spectrum presents three lightning-fast speed tiers ranging from 300 to 1000 Mbps. These Spectrum internet plans are designed to meet the needs of various households and provide enough bandwidth for seamless online activities in comparison to other Internet Providers in Overland Park. Even Spectrum's entry-level speed tier is sufficient to effortlessly accommodate multi-user small families, ensuring everyone can surf, stream, and work seamlessly.

So, whether you are using the internet alone or with a large family, Spectrum is one of the top internet providers in Overland Park, giving you the freedom of uninterrupted streaming, immersive online gaming, and quick downloads. Its commitment to delivering fast internet speeds paves the way for a truly connected and dynamic digital experience, allowing you to explore the vast realms of the online world without any speed-related constraints.

Unlimited Data

Data caps are a formidable barrier in the online experiences of avid streamers and gamers. Fortunately, several Internet Providers in Overland Park, including Spectrum, now offer unlimited data plans. This means that Spectrum's customers can explore a boundless realm of possibilities where streaming, gaming, and exploring the digital universe are no longer hindered by inconsistent limits. It's like having access to an all-you-can-eat buffet for your internet needs. In short, Spectrum ensures that your online appetite remains satisfied.

Best Bundles

Spectrum offers more than just internet services in Overland Park. They provide a comprehensive suite of services that you can bundle for convenience. With Spectrum BundlesSpectrum Bundles, residents can combine their high-speed internet plan with customized TV packages and dependable home phone services. These customizable bundles bring together the best entertainment and connectivity from one of the top Internet Providers in Overland Park, streamlining your experience and eliminating the hassle of managing multiple bills.

Spectrum's bundles give you access to a world of possibilities, allowing you to indulge in your favorite shows and movies easily, engage in online gaming adventures, and effortlessly stay connected with your loved ones through a dependable home phone plan, ensuring that your voice is heard, loud and clear.

Spectrum Bundles Price Internet Speed Channel Count Home Phone
Internet + TV Select $109.98/mo.  300 Mbps  125+ -
Internet + Spectrum Mi Plan $89.98/mo. 300 Mbps  145+ -
Internet + TV Select + Voice $129.97/mo. 300 Mbps  125+ Unlimited calling with 28 features

Furthermore, you can save your money with the Spectrum One bundle. This exclusive offer combines your high-speed internet plan with an unlimited mobile line and cutting-edge Advanced WiFi service. These three services work together to provide seamless connectivity at an affordable price, allowing you to navigate the digital world easily.

Spectrum One in Overland Park
Features Spectrum One Bundle
Spectrum Internet Any plan of your choice
Starting Price Range $49.99 – $89.99/mo.
Advanced WiFi Free for 1 year
Unlimited Mobile Line Free for 1 year

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Fastest Internet Provider in Overland Park

If your internet usage goes beyond casual web browsing and streaming, then you might need faster internet plans. Fortunately, several internet providers in Overland Park, KS, offer gigabit and multi-gigabit options. In the midst of intense competition, AT&T Fiber stands out as the undisputed high-speed internet provider in Overland Park.

AT&T Fiber

AT&T provides a comprehensive range of 5-speed tiers, ranging from a blazing 300 Mbps to an incredible 5000 Mbps. Out of many Overland Park internet providers, AT&T serves varying customers ranging from average to heavy internet users. For individuals running a home-based business, generating professional content, or managing a smart home, AT&T Fiber's gigabit and multi-gigabit plans offer ideal solutions. Their high-speed capabilities are well-suited for these applications, providing a reliable and efficient means to manage and maintain these systems. Overall, the top-tier speeds of this provider ensure seamless performance for all internet usage needs, surpassing even the highest expectations.

Beyond speed, AT&T Fiber internet stands out for its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. AT&T has gained the trust and loyalty of Overland Park's residents as one of the prominent internet providers in Overland Park by delivering consistent and reliable speeds.

Plans Price Speed Contact AT&T
AT&T Fiber Internet 300 $55.00/mo. 300 Mbps Call Now
AT&T Fiber Internet 500 $65.00/mo. 500 Mbps Call Now
AT&T Fiber Internet 1000 $80.00/mo. 1000 Mbps Call Now
AT&T Fiber Internet 2000 $110.00/mo. 2000 Mbps Call Now
AT&T Fiber Internet 5000 $180.00/mo. 5000 Mbps Call Now

When looking for fast internet providers in Overland Park, choosing the ideal speed tier from AT&T Fiber's impressive lineup comes down to your unique requirements, online activities, and the number of family members sharing the bandwidth. AT&T Fiber ensures that your digital experience is nothing short of extraordinary, whether you opt for the robust speeds of its high-end tiers or the perfect balance offered by its starting speeds.

Other Fast Internet Providers

Besides AT&T Fiber, Overland Park residents seeking lightning-fast internet speeds have additional options to explore. Google Fiber and EarthLink Fiber are other fast internet providers in Overland Park, KS, offering the same maximum speed of up to 5000 Mbps, with their own unique range of plans and availability.

While a bit more expensive than AT&T, EarthLink brings its brand of reliability and speed to the table. With a focus on exceptional customer service and a range of plans tailored to meet diverse requirements, EarthLink ensures that Overland Park residents can access ultra-fast internet that keeps pace with their digital lifestyle.

So, if AT&T's fiber footprint does not cover your specific address, these alternative providers are worth considering for your high-speed requirements.

Provider Starting Price Max Speed Contact Provider
EarthLink $59.95/mo. 5000 Mbps Call Now
Google Fiber $70.00/o.  5000 Mbps Call Now

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Cheapest Internet Provider in Overland Park

Now that we've looked at the top internet providers for speed in Overland Park, Kansas, let's focus on the most affordable options. With 25 internet providers in Overland Park, KS, the average starting price for internet services is $58.12. Although several providers offer plans at lower prices, Consolidated Communications stands out as the most budget-friendly option. It ensures that its consumers can access reliable internet connectivity without sacrificing their budget.

Consolidated Communications

Consolidated Communications is one of the leading internet providers in Overland Park, offering residents a wallet-friendly internet connection that aligns with their monthly budget. With plans starting at an astonishingly low price of $25, its plans start way lower than the average introductory price in this city. Consolidated Communications uses various technologies to bring its three cost-effective internet plans to the residents that boast speeds up to 1000 Mbps. All plans include unlimited data and a wireless router, allowing customers to enjoy unrestricted internet usage and the convenience of a wireless network.

Moreover, Consolidated Communications goes the extra mile by offering a 2-year price lock guarantee, which makes it a more reasonable option for connectivity.

The best part about Consolidated Communications is that it does not compromise on quality or customer satisfaction for affordability. The provider delivers a seamless online experience and ensures that your internet service remains dependable and efficient.

Consolidated Communications Plans in Overland Park
Plan Starting Price Contact Consolidated Communications
100 Mbps $25.00/mo. Call Now
500 Mbps $30.00/mo. Call Now
1 Gig $60.00/mo. Call Now

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Coverage Area of Overland Park Internet Providers

The availability of Internet services is influenced by a variety of factors, including geographical terrain and the complexity of infrastructure rollout. As a result, not every internet provider is present at every address, creating a unique mix of coverage areas throughout the country. As the largest suburb in the Kansas City metropolitan area, Overland Park offers 100% broadband coverage, giving its residents a wide range of internet options. In fact, over 70% of the residents have the option of at least three internet providers. Cable internet providers in Overland Park are the ones that are more popular among the residents. The prevalence of this internet type is evident, with providers like Spectrum available throughout the city, thanks to its robust and reliable network.

Following closely behind cable internet, DSL covers an impressive 96% of Overland Park, providing an alternative wired option. Additionally, fiber-optic internet, known for its lightning-fast speeds and high-performance capabilities, covers 84% of the city. Besides wired internet services, wireless internet providers offer an accessible and reliable alternative for those who may not have access to other providers.

The diverse coverage of Overland Park internet providers reflects the city's advanced infrastructure. From cable and DSL to fiber and wireless, the city's residents can select the internet provider and technology that best aligns with their requirements.

City-wide Coverage of Overland Park Internet Providers
Providers Citywide Coverage Internet Type
AT&T Fiber 48% Fiber
Spectrum 100% Cable
EarthLink 76% DSL, Fiber, Fixed Wireless
Consolidated Communications 55% Cable, Fiber
Verizon Home Internet 75% 5G
Google Fiber 69.6% Fiber
T-Mobile Home Internet 99.6% 5G
HughesNet 100% Satellite
Viasat 100% Satellite

Final Word

As the second largest city in Kansas, Overland Park is home to a diverse range of internet providers. Throughout our overview of the internet landscape in this city, we have delved into various aspects such as speed, pricing, reliability, coverage, and affordability to identify the best internet providers in Overland Park, KS. From Spectrum to AT&T Fiber and Consolidated Communications, each provider has its unique strength and ensures that the residents of Overland Park can enjoy seamless online experiences.

Overall, Overland Park, KS, offers a thriving internet landscape with options for every need and budget. Whether it's the best internet speeds, affordability, or comprehensive coverage, the city's internet providers strive to meet the demands of its residents. So, whether you prioritize speed, affordability, or coverage, you can find suitable internet providers in Overland Park, KS, that align with your requirements.

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