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Top 10 New Jersey Internet Providers

New Jersey is a state of endless possibilities. Ranked as one of the top states for living, New Jersey is a wonderland for food lovers, art enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs. It is very easy to get lost in its lush scenery, sparkling beaches, and natural beauty. And while it is commonly known as The Garden State, New Jersey is mainly characterized by urban landscapes.

Even though it is not the largest or most populous state in America, New Jersey has an outstanding internet infrastructure. Around 140 New Jersey internet providers compete for your attention by offering their best services via different methods. However, the sheer number of internet providers available in New Jersey can be as overwhelming as its natural beauty. Therefore, we have compiled the top 10 internet providers in New Jersey so you don’t have to waste your time sifting through the endless list of choices.

  • Optimum

    Max Speed

    5000 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Cable, Fiber

    Starting From



  • Verizon

    Max Speed

    2300 Mbps

    Internet Type

    DSL, Fiber, 5G

    Starting From



  • CenturyLink

    Max Speed

    940 Mbps

    Internet Type

    DSL, Fiber

    Starting From



  • EarthLink

    Max Speed

    100 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Fixed Wireless

    Starting From



  • T-Mobile Home Internet

    Max Speed

    245 Mbps

    Internet Type


    Starting From


    T-Mobile Home Internet_logo

  • Starry

    Max Speed

    1000 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Fixed Wireless

    Starting From



Best Bundle Deals By NJ Internet Providers

Are you tired of juggling multiple bills for your internet, TV, and phone services every month? Bundling is the answer to all your problems. With the abundance of NJ internet providers, many New Jerseyans opt for bundling to streamline their services under one bill. Bundling is not only convenient, but it can also save you money in the long run.

Plus, having all your services from one NJ internet provider gives you the assurance you need that any issues can be easily resolved with a single call. So, if you are looking to simplify your life and save some cash, take a look at the following internet providers in New Jersey that offer the best bundle deals.


Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for your internet, TV, and home phone services? Although they don't offer bundling discounts, Spectrum bundles are an ideal solution for many New Jerseyans. The provider streamlines your services under one bill, making your life a bit easier. Spectrum bundles in NJ have everything you need for seamless entertainment and communication, giving you high-speed internet, an excellent TV package, and feature-filled home phone service. Check out some of the most popular Spectrum bundles for TV, internet & home phone in New Jersey below.

Spectrum Bundle Deals in New Jersey
Bundle Price Speed Channels Home Phone
Spectrum Internet® + TV Select $109.98/mo. 300 Mbps 125+ -
Spectrum Internet® + Spectrum Mi Plan $89.98/mo. 300 Mbps 145+ -
Spectrum Internet® + TV Select + Voice $129.97/mo. 300 Mbps 125+ Unlimited calling with 28 features

If you are looking for exclusive discounts, you can combine Spectrum's Internet and Unlimited Mobile plan to save over $400 per year. The Spectrum One Bundle is a package deal that includes home internet, advanced WiFi, and a free unlimited mobile line for one year. As for its availability in New Jersey, Spectrum offers services throughout the state, but the availability of this specific package may vary depending on your location.

Spectrum One Bundle in Illinois
Price Internet Advanced WiFi Spectrum Mobile
$49.99/mo. 300 Mbps Included 1 Unlimited line
$69.99/mo. 500 Mbps Included 1 Unlimited line
$89.99/mo. 1000 Mbps Included 1 Unlimited line
**Prices quoted are valid for the first 12 months. Wireless speeds may vary.

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Xfinity is a top choice for many New Jerseyans due to its exceptional bundle deals. With a range of options that include exclusive discounts, Xfinity allows you to bundle internet, TV, home phone, and home security services. You can save up to $60 by combining its services. For example, you can save up to $20 with the double service Xfinity bundles, while the triple service bundles help you save $40, and the quadruple service bundles give you a $60 discount.

But the perks don't stop there! You get a free Peacock Premium membership if you opt for its X1 DVR. Plus, you can save even more money if you bundle Xfinity's internet and mobile plans. Here are some popular Xfinity bundles.

Bundle Starting Price Internet Speed Channel Count Home Phone
Connect More + Popular TV $80.00/mo. 200 Mbps 125+ -
Fast + Ultimate TV $100.00/mo. 400 Mbps 185+ -
Fast + Popular TV + Xfinity Voice + Home Pro Protection $130.00/mo. 400 Mbps 125+ Unlimited nationwide calling
*limited time offer
*price does not include taxes and residential fees


Verizon Fios’ Bundles in New Jersey offer a perfect mix and match of home phone, internet, and TV plans tailored to your preferences. Verizon not only offers a range of options to choose from, but it also provides a price lock guarantee to ensure that you won't have to worry about sudden price hikes. Verizon's bundles allow you to enjoy a stellar channel lineup and unique perks like exclusive discounts on streaming services to sweeten the deal. While Verizon Fios' bundle prices are average, their features and benefits make them a strong contender for your entertainment and communication needs. Here are some popular Verizon Fios bundles in New Jersey.

Bundle Starting Price Internet Speed Channel Count
300 Mbps Internet + Your Fios TV $124.99/mo. 300 Mbps 125+
500 Mbps Internet + Your Fios TV $144.99/mo. 500 Mbps 125+
1 Gig + The Most Fios TV $208.99/mo. 940 Mbps 425+
500 Mbps Internet + More Fios TV + Home Phone $193.99/mo. 500 Mbps 225+

Quick Facts About Internet Providers in New Jersey

New Jersey packs a punch in terms of internet connectivity, with 98% of residents enjoying speeds above 100 Mbps and an average speed of 436 Mbps. However, it is easy to get lost in the sea of internet providers as around 140 internet providers in New Jersey compete for your attention. Some quick facts about these New Jersey internet providers can help you navigate your options.

For instance, Verizon is the best provider for offering reliable high-speed internet and excellent customer service to over 87% of the state. Optimum is the fastest provider with speeds up to 5000 Mbps, and Xfinity offers the cheapest plan starting from just $25 per month. On the other hand, HughesNet is the most widely available internet provider in New Jersey, making it suitable for the rural population. So, whether you're a business owner in Newark, a student in Princeton, or a retiree in Morristown, there is a New Jersey internet provider that can meet your needs and keep you connected to the world.

Quick Facts - NJ Internet Providers
Average Internet Speed 436 Mbps
Best Internet Deals Spectrum
Fastest Internet Provider Optimum
Cheapest Internet Provider Xfinity
Most Widely Available ISP HughesNet

Types of Internet Providers in New Jersey

DSL Internet Providers in NJ

DSL internet is a wired internet option that is available to about 83% of New Jersey households. While the infrastructure for DSL internet is well-established in the state, it is not as prevalent as cable internet. The major drawback of this internet type is that it is often more expensive than other wired internet options. Plus, the quality of service decreases as you move away from source lines, and its customers often have to deal with outages during storms.

However, it is a viable solution for many people living in areas where other internet types are unavailable. Verizon and CenturyLink are the two leading DSL internet providers in New Jersey. While they may not offer the same high speeds as cable or fiber, their DSL internet plans are a reliable option for rural residents.

DSL Internet Providers in New Jersey
Provider Price Speed Range Data Caps
Verizon $74.99/mo. Up to 15 Mbps None
CenturyLink $50.00/mo. Up to 100 Mbps None

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Fiber Internet Providers in NJ

Fiber Internet is the latest and fastest internet technology that is rapidly expanding throughout the country. New Jersey is one of the few states in the country with excellent fiber coverage - 69.7%. This internet type is often the first choice of heavy internet users due to its incomparable internet speed and reliable network. However, many areas in NJ still lack access to it due to the expensive cost of rolling out its infrastructure. Fortunately, New Jersey is one of the few states that have made significant investments in fiber infrastructure, resulting in impressive coverage throughout the state.

Optimum, Verizon, and CenturyLink are some of the top fiber internet providers in New Jersey, providing customers with lightning-fast internet speeds and excellent reliability. Among them, Optimum offers the fastest internet speeds, reaching up to 5000 Mbps, making it a top choice for people living in smart homes.

Fiber Internet Providers in New Jersey
Providers Starting Price Max Speed
Verizon Fios $49.99/mo 940 Mbps
Optimum $40.00/mo. 5000 Mbps
CenturyLink $70.00/mo. 940 Mbps

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Cable Internet Providers in NJ

Cable Internet is the most prevailing internet option in New Jersey, with a staggering 95% coverage area. Its infrastructure is well-developed since this internet technology has been around for quite some time. Cable internet is the most popular internet type in New Jersey because it offers better speed and reliability than DSL internet. However, it is often subjected to network congestion which can significantly impact the quality of service, especially during peak hours. You can avoid this issue by opting for a slightly faster internet plan than the one you actually need.

While there are 140 internet providers in NJ, Optimum, Xfinity, and Spectrum top the list of cable internet providers in New Jersey. Each provider is famous for its special offers, providing a range of budget-friendly internet plans catering to various households and individuals. These NJ internet providers are also well-known for TV and internet bundles.

Cable Internet Providers in New Jersey
Providers Starting Price Speed Range
Spectrum $49.99/mo.  Up to 1000 Mbps 
Xfinity $24.99/mo. Up to 1200 Mbps
Optimum $40.00/mo. Up to 1000 Mbps

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Fixed Wireless Internet Providers in NJ

Fixed wireless internet is a popular wireless broadband option in New Jersey due to its impressive availability of 98.5% and faster speeds than satellite internet. This type of internet is perfect for those who live in rural or remote areas and don't have access to other broadband options. Fixed wireless internet connects the residents by sending internet signals to a fixed antenna installed on their property from a nearby wireless tower.

And while the internet speeds can vary depending on the provider and the distance from the tower, fixed wireless internet provides a more reliable and fast connection than satellite internet. Some of the top fixed wireless internet providers in New Jersey include T-Mobile, Verizon, EarthLink, and Starry Internet. Overall, fixed wireless internet may not be comparable with wired internet types like cable or fiber in terms of performance or speed, but it is still an excellent option for those living in underserved areas.

Fixed Wireless Internet Providers in New Jersey
Provider Starting Price Speed Range
EarthLink $69.95/mo. Up to 100 Mbps
T-Mobile Home Internet $50.00/mo.  182 Mbps 
Verizon 5G Home  $50.00/mo.  1000 Mbps 
Starry Internet $30.00/mo. Up to 1000 Mbps

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Satellite Internet Providers in NJ

Satellite Internet is the most widely available wireless option in New Jersey since it does not rely on a wired infrastructure. As a result, every New Jerseyan can access this internet type as long as their location has a clear view of the southern sky. However, it is more commonly used by rural residents who may not have other internet options available.

SWhile satellite internet may be widely available, it does not mean that it is the perfect internet type. It is much slower than other internet options and is highly susceptible to bad weather, which can cause frustration. Plus, its installation can be expensive. Fortunately, the two leading satellite internet providers in New Jersey, HughesNet, and Viasat, are constantly making advancements to improve their services. From increasing the monthly data limits to rolling out new Fusion plans, satellite internet is becoming a powerful rural internet provider.

Satellite Internet Providers in New Jersey
Provider Min Price Max Speed Data Caps
Viasat $64.99/mo. 150 Mbps 60 GB – 500 GB
HughesNet $64.99/mo.  25 Mbps 15 GB – 200 GB

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Get the Best Satellite Internet Plan in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the most connected states in the country, with 140 internet providers offering their services to the residents. However, the availability of each NJ internet provider varies with location. While cable internet is the most prevalent internet type with 95% coverage, New Jersey boasts an impressive fiber coverage of 69.7%. It means that seven in ten residents can purchase a fiber internet plan, which is already a great improvement from other states.

In addition to this, the state has impressive wireless broadband coverage, making it easier for rural and remote communities to get online. Here are the coverage areas of the top ten internet providers in New Jersey.

State-wide Coverage of NJ Internet Providers
Providers Coverage Internet Type
Xfinity 59% Cable
Spectrum 4% Cable
Optimum 42% Cable, Fiber
Verizon 87% DSL, Fiber, 5G
CenturyLink 3% DSL, Fiber
EarthLink 10% Fixed Wireless
T-Mobile Home Internet 97% 5G
HughesNet 99% Satellite
Viasat 99% Satellite
Starry 4% Fixed Wireless

Frequently Asked Questions

Xfinity, T-Mobile, and Verizon are the top 3 internet providers in New Jersey.

HughesNet and Viasat are the two most widely available internet providers in New Jersey.

Optimum is one of the fastest internet providers in New Jersey, offering speeds up to 5000 Mbps.

Xfinity offers the cheapest internet plan in New Jersey with introductory prices starting at just $25 a month.

The average internet speed in New Jersey is 436 Mbps.

Yes, Spectrum is available in New Jersey but you can find this NJ internet provider in certain areas.

No, AT&T Fiber is not available in New Jersey.

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