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Top 10 Reno Internet Providers

Reno, the “Biggest Little City in the World”, is the fourth-largest city in Nevada with a population of 278,577 people. Reno was founded as a small gold mining community during the California gold rush of the late 1840s and ’50s. In 1868, the town of Reno became a stop for North America’s first transcontinental railroad service, the Central Pacific Railroad (CPRR), leading to its official recognition as a city.

Today, the active gold mines near Reno contribute 76 percent of all the gold produced in the USA and 4.5 percent of the world’s production. Reno also has a thriving gaming tourism industry. Its glamorous casinos have plenty of slots, gaming machines, and tables to offer round-the-clock exhilaration to Vegas-rerouted players.

With its land-grant research University, hotels, manufacturing plants, business parks, department stores, and high-tech facilities, Reno offers big-city amenities in a mid-sized community. The top 10 internet providers in Reno, Nevada, ensure that city dwellers continue to dream and live big as the online world unlocks every door of opportunity for them.

Here is a list of the 10 best Reno internet providers that are embellishing the little city with big developments through their ultrafast multigigabit speeds.

  • Spectrum

    Max Speed

    1000 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Hybrid fiber-cable

    Starting From



  • AT&T

    Max Speed

    5000 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Fiber and IPBB

    Starting From



  • T-Mobile Home

    Max Speed

    245 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Fixed Wireless

    Starting From


    T-Mobile Home_logo

  • EarthLink

    Max Speed

    5000 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Fiber, cable, DSL, & 5G

    Starting From



  • Net Nevada

    Max Speed

    10 Gbps

    Internet Type

    Fiber & Fixed Wireless

    Starting From


    Net Nevada_logo

  • Easy Internet Now

    Max Speed

    5000 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Fiber & DSL

    Starting From


    Easy Internet Now_logo

  • Avant Wireless

    Max Speed

    60 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Fixed Wireless

    Starting From


    Avant Wireless_logo

Internet Connectivity in Reno

Reno is the fifth most digitally connected city in Nevada. Around 98.3 percent of the city can access a stable broadband service with a minimum download speed of 25 Mbps. Satellite internet is the most widely available source of broadband connectivity in Reno. The two best satellite internet providers in Reno, HughesNet, and Viasat, can offer coverage in more than 99 percent of the city for a median monthly price of $70.

Cable internet is the most widely available form of wired internet in Reno. Nearly 97 percent of the city can get up to gigabit download speeds over a robust coaxial cable network. Popular cable internet providers in Reno, like Spectrum and Sparklight, can distribute up to 1000 Mbps of download speeds for a Price of $39 per month.

Digital subscriber line (DSL) internet is the second-most widely available type of wired broadband in the city. Prominent DSL internet providers in Reno, like Easy Internet Now (EIN), EarthLink, and Rural Telecom Inc. (RTI), are offering basic network connectivity in 92 percent of the city for an average monthly price of $55. Renoites can expect download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps on their DSL internet connections.

Fiber-optic internet access in Reno is limited to 7 percent of the city. Renowned fiber internet providers in Reno, like AT&T Fiber, Net Nevada, Verizon Fios, and Uprise Fiber, are distributing multigigabit symmetrical speeds up to 5000 Mbps in Downtown Reno and surrounding districts, such as Midtown, Dickerson, and West University.

Together, the top 10 Reno internet providers are offering an average internet speed of 259.69 Mbps, which is 44.69 Mbps faster than the state average.

Quick Facts About Reno Internet Providers
Average Internet Speed in Reno
259.69 Mbps 
Best Internet Provider in Reno  Spectrum 
Fastest Internet provider in Reno  AT&T Fiber 
Cheapest Internet Provider in Reno  T-Mobile Home Internet 
Most Widely Available ISP in Reno  HughesNet and Viasat 

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Best Internet Provider in Reno

Best- Better than the rest.

This simple criterion was used to study over a dozen internet providers in Reno and select the best among them. We assessed the renowned Reno internet providers based on their citywide coverage, internet speeds, affordability, network reliability, added benefits, and customer reviews to narrow down to a single internet carrier that offers the best value for money.

After hours of research, we are happy to reveal that Spectrum Internet® is the best overall internet provider in Reno, Nevada.

Spectrum, a brand of Charter Communications, was launched in 2014 to offer high-speed cable internet, TV, home phone, and mobile phone services to millions of Americans across its 41-state footprint. Spectrum is the most widely available wired internet provider in Reno and its hybrid fiber-cable internet plans are available in 97.3 percent of the city.

Seamless Connectivity Across the City

Spectrum Internet® plans start at $49.99 per month, and you can get up to 1000 Mbps of download speed, up to 35 Mbps of upload speed, unlimited data, and contract-free service. All the Spectrum Internet® plans include free Security Suite licenses for up to 10 devices and a compatible internet modem.

Spectrum Internet®’s 99.9 percent network reliability ensures that your connection is always up and running to support data-intensive activities, like non-stop streaming, competitive gaming, heavy file sharing, and remote work or learning.

Spectrum Internet in Reno, NV
Plan Price Download Speed Upload Speed
Internet  $49.99/mo.  300 Mbps  10 Mbps 
Internet Ultra  $69.99/mo.  500 Mbps  20 Mbps 
Internet Gig  $89.99/mo.  1000 Mbps  35 Mbps 
**All the prices quoted above are subject to change after 12 months of service. Wireless speeds may vary.

Triple the Fun with Spectrum One

3-in-one Spectrum bundles allow customers to save up to $35 per month in the first 12 months. The supersaver Spectrum One plan was introduced in October 2022 to promote Spectrum’s 5G cellular phone service. First-time customers can sign up for the Spectrum One offer to get high-speed internet, an Advanced Home WiFi system, and an unlimited Spectrum Mobile™ line for just $49.99 per month.

Spectrum Bundle Plans in Reno, NV
Bundle Price Spectrum Internet Advanced WiFi Spectrum Mobile
$49.99/ mo.  300 Mbps  Included  1 Unlimited line 
$69.99/mo.  500 Mbps  Included  1 Unlimited line 
$89.99/mo.  1000 Mbps  Included  1 Unlimited line 
**Prices quoted above are valid for the first 12 months. Wireless speeds may vary.

Internet for Free with Spectrum ACP

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Spectrum partnered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to bridge the digital divide prevalent in the country. The Spectrum ACP is a government-sponsored initiative that offers free and discounted internet service to eligible low-income families across Reno. Spectrum is actively transforming the lives of thousands of Renoites as they use its free internet service to learn, earn and grow.

Spectrum ACP Plans in Reno, ME
Plan Regular Price Price After ACP Download Speed
Spectrum Internet 100  $29.99/mo.  $0.00/mo. 100 Mbps 
Spectrum Internet  $49.99/mo.  $19.99/mo.  300 Mbps 
Spectrum Internet Ultra  $69.99/mo.  $39.99/mo.  500 Mbps
Spectrum Internet Gig  $89.99/mo. $59.99/mo.  1000 Mbps 
**Prices shown in the table above are promo rates for 12 months. Wireless speeds may vary.

Catch Your Favorite Show with Free WiFi On the Go

Spectrum Internet® subscription includes free access to over 530,000 out-of-home WiFi hotspots installed throughout the country.Spectrum WiFi hotspots are located in public spaces, like parking lots, restaurants, cafes, airports, train/ bus stations, parks, and building lobbies, to offer fast and free internet connectivity on the go. Spectrum users can connect to their nearest WiFi hotspot by searching for the network named “Spectrum Free Trial”. A pop-up window will prompt them to enter their Spectrum username and password in the browser. After entering the credentials, they can proceed to click ‘Connect’ and enjoy their 30-minute Spectrum wireless internet service for free.

Spectrum Internet's citywide availability, affordability, network reliability, cost-saving bundle deals, corporate social responsibility, and nationwide WiFi connectivity makes it the best overall internet provider in Reno, Nevada.

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Fastest Internet Provider in Reno

Fiber-optic internet is the fastest internet technology that exists in the world today. On average, the speed of a fiber internet connection is ten times faster than coaxial cable internet. Fiber-optic broadband is the only type of internet service that can deliver equal upload and download speeds. Most DSL, cable, fixed wireless, and satellite internet providers in Reno can distribute a maximum upload speed of 50 Mbps. In contrast, fiber-optic broadband services can deliver up to 5000 Mbps of upload speed (100 times faster!) to guarantee glitch-free video calling, lag-free gameplay, and buffer-free streaming.

AT&T Fiber is the fastest internet provider in Reno. It uses a 100 percent fiber-rich network to transmit supremely fast, 5000 Mbps of symmetrical internet speeds to over 4.1 percent of the city.

AT&T Fiber Internet Plans in Reno, Nevada

AT&T Fiber Internet service starts at $55 per month. You can choose between 5-speed tiers to get the ideal internet plan for your home. All the AT&T Fiber internet plans include unlimited data, 2-year price lock guarantees, no-contract service, state-of-the-art equipment, and up to $150 in credit on online order placements.

Moreover, customers who are currently under a contract, but wish to switch to AT&T Fiber, can now do so with ease because AT&T Fiber is offering coverage for cancellation and early termination fees in the form of reward cards.

AT&T Fiber Internet Plans in Reno, NV
Plans Price Download Speed Upload Speed
Internet 300 $55.00/mo.  300 Mbps  300 Mbps 
Internet 500  $65.00/mo. 500 Mbps  500 Mbps 
1 Gig Internet $80.00/mo.  1 Gbps  1 Gbps 
2 Gig Internet $150.00/mo  2 Gbps  2 Gbps 
5 Gig Internet $250.00/mo  5 Gbps  5 Gbps 

AT&T’s 5 Gig Internet upload and download speeds and low latency of fewer than 10 milliseconds make it the fastest internet provider in Reno.

EarthLink and Easy Inetrnet Now also claim to deliver up to 5000 Mbps of symmetrical internet speeds on their fiber-optic cable network, but due to the following reasons, we will not place them in the list of fastest internet providers in Reno.

EarthLink Internet piggybacks on AT&T Fiber’s network to offer high-speed fiber broadband plans to its customers. It purchases bandwidth from AT&T Fiber to offer similar gigabit and multigigabit plans at higher rates and with an annual term agreement. Therefore, Renoites should look to the originator instead of the imitator to get the fastest and most reliable fiber broadband connection in town.

Compared to that, Easy Internet Now (EIN) uses its own fiber-optic network to distribute up to 5 Gig internet speeds, but its availability is limited to just 0.45 percent of the city and even then the speeds tend to fluctuate from zip code to zip code. So, because of their infrastructure constraints, we will not consider EarthLink and Easy Internet Now as the fastest internet providers in Reno.

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Cheapest Internet Provider in Reno

Around 31.6 percent of the households in Reno, Nevada do not have broadband subscriptions at home. Lack of wired internet infrastructure is a persistent problem in the outskirts of the city but the situation is exacerbated by expensive satellite and fixed wireless 5G home internet plans that cost over $65 on average. Those living in low-income communities and the rural parts of Reno are already struggling to pay for their basic needs. Expensive internet plans further stretch their budget and push them to choose between two meals a day and broadband access.

Thankfully, one Reno internet provider is offering financial relief through its less than the industry average rates.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Plans in Reno, Nevada

T-Mobile is one of the leading internet providers in Reno. It offers the fastest 5G network provider in the USA. Its blazing-fast wireless home internet service is available in 97.2 percent of the city. T-Mobile has installed long-term evolution (LTE) towers across Reno to transmit wireless 4G and 5G data signals to individual homes. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet service costs $50 per month, and you can get up to 182 Mbps of download speeds with unlimited data and contract-free service. The standard rate of the T-Mobile 5G Home Internet plan can further drop to $30 per month if you bundle it with a Magenta Max or a Go5G Plus phone plan.

The monthly price includes professional installation, cutting-edge equipment, a 15-day money-back guarantee, and weekly giveaways through the T-Mobile Tuesdays offer. T-Mobile is the only fixed wireless internet provider in Reno that is giving a lifetime price guarantee. Moreover, it is offering up to $750 in coverage for early termination fees. So, now Renoites can switch to T-Mobile’s cost-saving 5G Home Internet service mid-contract and stop worrying about paying hefty fines.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Plan- At A Glance
Price  $50.00 per month (with AutoPay discount)
Download Speed  182 Mbps 
Upload Speed  23 Mbps 
Availability 97.2% of the city 
Data Cap  Unlimited data 
Contract  Not required 
Installation Fee  Free 
Equipment Fee  Included 
No. of Connected Devices  Up to 5
Perks  15-day money-back guarantee. T-Mobile Tuesdays 
Best For  Small families with moderate internet usage.

T-Mobile’s fixed internet fee of $50 per month, supersaver bundles, T-Mobile Tuesdays deals, free installation, free equipment provision, early termination fee coverage, and lifetime price guarantees makes it the most affordable and budget-friendly internet provider in Reno, Nevada.

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Coverage Area of Reno Internet Providers

Located in the northwest of Nevada, Reno is a high-altitude city, nestled on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in an area called the Truckee Meadow. The city is known to be a high desert valley with the 120-mile-long Truckee River flowing through downtown Reno. Its varying topography is characterized by gently rolling hills, waterfronts, mountain ranges, and wildflower fields.

Despite the city’s uneven terrain, Reno internet providers have managed to construct a sustainable digital infrastructure for wired and wireless broadband connectivity throughout the city. Collectively, the satellite, fixed wireless, fiber, cable, and DSL internet providers in Reno are ensuring internet coverage in 99 percent of the city.

There are a total of 21 internet provides in Reno, Nevada. Among them:

  • 6 offer fiber-optic internet service
  • 5 offer fixed wireless internet
  • 5 offer DSL internet connections
  • 3 offer coaxial cable internet
  • 2 offer satellite internet service

In the table below, we have listed the citywide coverage of the top-rated Reno internet providers to help you select the best internet carrier for your home.

City-wide Coverage of Internet Providers in Reno
Providers Coverage Internet Type
HughesNet  99.1% Satellite 
Viasat  99.1% Satellite 
T-Mobile Home Internet  98.6% Fixed Wireless 
Spectrum  97.3% Hybrid Fiber-Cable 
Sparklight  94% Cable 
EarthLink  92.6% Fiber, Cable, DSL, and 5G
AT&T  86.1% Fiber and IPBB
Net Nevada  85.4% Fiber and Fixed Wireless 
Easy Internet Now 82.2% Fiber and DSL 
Avant Wireless  77% Fixed Wireless 

Final Word

Reno is a city at the helm of technological transformation. Home to several tech giants, like Tesla, Apple, and Switch, Reno has cemented its place as the perfect breeding ground for high-tech startups. The University of Nevada, just north of downtown Reno, is a major research university with a strong focus on STEM education. Every year it releases around 5,000 industry-ready graduates into the world, 45 percent of which are hired by Reno-based corporations and incubators. The favorable business climate and innovation-driven culture of Reno support the growth and development of smart technologies. The top-rated Reno internet providers are working with public and private organizations to utilize the available resources and talent for the creation of a sustainable futuristic city.

Spectrum Internet® by Charter Communications is the best internet provider in Reno. It can offer up to 1000 Mbps of download speed in more than 97 percent of the city for a Price of $49.99 per month. AT&T Fiber is the fastest Reno provider. Using a 100 percent fiber-rich network, it can distribute up to 5000 Mbps of equal upload and download speed for as low as $55 per month. For budget-conscious Renoites, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Plan is the best option for high-speed broadband connectivity. Its flat $50 monthly charge, lifetime price guarantees, discounted bundle deals, and weekly freebies make it the cheapest internet provider in Reno, Nevada.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the city of Reno, residents have access to a variety of internet plans, each with its own pricing structure. The cost of internet services in this city starts as low as $40.00 per month, offered by providers like Sparklight. On the higher end, residents can opt for premium high-speed plans from AT&T Fiber, which can go up to $250.00 per month. This wide price range accommodates different needs and budgets, ensuring that everyone can find a plan that suits them.

The cheapest internet service in Reno is provided by T-Mobile Home Internet. The provider offers a singular 5G wireless home internet plan for $50 a month, and you get pretty good download speeds between 72-245 Mbps. This price drops to $30 with you couple the internet service with a Magenta Max mobile phone line.

AT&T Fiber is the fastest internet provider in Reno. They offer super-fast speeds of up to 5,000 Mbps. The plans for AT&T Fiber start at $55.00 per month.

HughesNet and Viasat are the most widely available internet providers in Reno, offering coverage in more than 99 percent of the city. Additionally, Spectrum is the most widely available wired internet provider, reaching 97.3% of Reno, so you’re likely to have all three of them in your zip code.

Yes, Reno is equipped with fiber-optic internet services. However, availability is somewhat limited to 7 percent of the city. Several providers, including AT&T Fiber, Net Nevada, Verizon Fios, and Uprise Fiber, offer fiber-optic services in select areas of Reno. This means that residents in these areas can enjoy the benefits of equally fast upload and download speeds with 99.9 percent network reliability.

Spectrum offers a range of internet plans in Reno to serve different users’ needs. The speeds of Spectrum plans vary, starting from 300 Mbps and going up to 1,000 Mbps. The starting price for these plans is $49.99 per month, making Spectrum a competitive option in Reno, NV.

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