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Top 10 Brooklyn Internet Providers

Every American city has a unique charm, and New York City is known for its bustling lifestyle. Brooklyn, the most populated of the city's five boroughs, is home to various ethnicities, mouthwatering cuisine, and stunning scenery. This well-known borough serves as a doorway to opportunity, therefore, 22 internet providers in Brooklyn keep the region productive by providing internet access to all the businesses and residents.

With multiple Brooklyn internet providers and a well-developed infrastructure, residents have no shortage of top internet options, as more than one provider is available at every address. Depending on your area, your choice can come down to one or two cable internet providers, a well-known fiber internet provider, or even a fixed wireless or 5G service. Here is a list of the top 10 internet providers in Brooklyn.

Top 10 Brooklyn Internet Providers
Providers Starting Price Download Speed Internet Type Contact Provider
Spectrum $49.99/mo Up to 1000 Mbps Hybrid fiber-coaxial cable Call Now
Verizon Fios $49.99/month Up to 940 Mbps Fiber Call Now
Optimum $40.00/month Up to 5000 Mbps Cable, Fiber Call Now
Starry Internet $30.00/month Up to 1000 Mbps Fixed Wireless Call Now
EarthLink $54.95/month Up to 5000 Mbps DSL, Fiber, Wireless, Satellite Call Now
Astound Broadband $20.00/month Up to 1200 Mbps Cable Call Now
Viasat $49.99/month Up to 150 Mbps Satellite Call Now
HughesNet $64.99/month Up to 25 Mbps Satellite Call Now
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet $50.00/mo. Up to 182 Mbps 5G/LTE Call Now
BarrierFree $99.00/month Up to 25 Mbps Fixed Wireless Call Now

Internet in Brooklyn - Quick Facts

Since most bustling cities in the US are well-connected, it is not surprising that the most populous borough of New York City enjoys a 99.6% connection rate. Since the internet has become one of the major utilities, relocating to a new place should always include research about the available options.

Brooklyn is one of the fastest-growing areas in NYC. Its artistic views and regional cuisine are some of the few reasons why many Americans consider this borough a dream destination. As a result, some of the country’s top internet providers operate in this area to keep up with the growing demands. Internet providers in Brooklyn offer high-speed broadband through various connection types. To give you a gist of the internet in Brooklyn, here are some quick facts about it.

Quick Facts - Internet Providers in Brooklyn
Average Internet Speed in Brooklyn 300 Mbps
Best Internet Provider Spectrum
Fastest Internet Provider EarthLink
Cheapest Internet Provider Astound
Most Widely Available Verizon
Internet Providers offering Bundle Deals Spectrum, Verizon, Optimum

Best Internet Provider in Brooklyn

The Kings County has plenty of strong internet options but who is the best internet provider? The “best” is a pretty subjective terms as every household and business have different requirements for their internet connection. Therefore, we compare the best internet providers in Brooklyn in terms of affordability, internet speed and availability.

Brooklyn has a strong collection of ISPs, over half of the area gets internet speeds above 1000 Mbps. But Spectrum is the best internet provider in Brooklyn and stands out due to its exceptional service, fast internet speeds and affordable rates.

Spectrum Brooklyn

Spectrum might not have the best availability in Brooklyn, but it is the best cable internet provider in this area. You can find this leading telecommunication provider in specific parts of Brooklyn, such as Downtown Brooklyn and the north and west neighborhoods of Red Hook, Williamsburg, and Sunset Park.

Spectrum’s coverage area in this borough does not usually overlap with Optimum, the other available cable internet provider. But you can find them both in certain areas like Borough Park, Bushwick, or Prospect Heights neighborhoods. However, Spectrum remains the best choice due to its transparent policies. Here are some reasons why Spectrum is the best internet provider in Brooklyn.

Seamless Connectivity with Spectrum One

Charter Communications has introduced a new era of connectivity with Spectrum One. This deal gives you Advanced WiFi and an Unlimited Spectrum Mobile line with your Spectrum internet plans at one incredible price. As a result, you have the highest security and privacy for all connected devices, along with high-speed home internet. Additionally, every internet plan from this provider comes with unlimited data, antivirus software, and a free modem.


$49.99/mo.* For 12 months*
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • NO Data Caps
  • FREE Advanced WiFi
  • Speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Unlimited Mobile Line

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$69.99/mo* For 12 months*
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • NO Data Caps
  • FREE Advanced WiFi
  • Speeds up to 500 Mbps
  • Unlimited Mobile Line

Call Now


$139.98/mo.* For 12 months*
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • NO Data Caps
  • FREE Advanced WiFi
  • Speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Unlimited Mobile Line

Call Now

Competent Rates in the Market

Compared to Optimum, Spectrum has somewhat higher starting costs, but its service is still competitively priced. Additionally, Spectrum is quite upfront about its extra expenses. Its monthly equipment rental charge is substantially less than other internet providers in Brooklyn. Additionally, it provides a self-install kit, that you can use to avoid the installation fee. Spectrum is one of the no-contract internet providers in Brooklyn and offers unlimited data,so you also don't have to worry about overage or early termination costs.

High Speed Internet

Fiber-optic internet is typically the most desirable connection choice since it has the best internet speeds. But its availability is the main limitation, which leaves us with the next best alternative – cable internet.

Despite offering only three internet plans, Spectrum is the top cable internet provider in Brooklyn for providing speed tiers fast enough to meet the demands of different users. The starting speed of Spectrum is 300 Mbps which is far higher than other providers. The only issue is the asymmetrical download and upload speeds, but since most online activities lean towards the former, Brooklyn residents depend on Spectrum to carry out any task.

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Fastest Internet Provider in Brooklyn

Typically, fiber internet service providers come to mind when discussing the fastest internet options. The fiber footprint in this region is impressive, with a few top names like Verizon Fios, EarthLink, and Optimum offering the highest internet speeds to the Brooklynites. The average internet speed in this borough is 300 Mbps, and almost half of Brooklyn gets more than 1 Gbps speed. But let’s find out who is the fastest internet provider in Brooklyn.


1 Gbps is no longer the fastest available speed. Instead, several national providers have introduced a variety of multi-gigabit options. EarthLink is the fastest internet provider in Brooklyn, offering speeds up to 5000 Mbps. You can get internet access from EarthLink through different connection types, but its fiber internet provides the fastest speeds. The provider has a unique way of delivering internet access which accounts for its higher rates.

EarthLink uses fiber and DSL networks of other providers like AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, and Frontier to provide internet access. Since Verizon is the most widely available internet provider in Brooklyn, EarthLink piggybacks on its network to deliver broadband in this region.

EarthLink Fiber Internet Plans

Since the introduction of its multi-gigabit plans, EarthLink has become one of the fastest internet providers in Brooklyn. Unlike many other Brooklyn internet providers, EarthLink gives you a plethora of internet plans to choose from according to your requirements. The plans, however, are on the pricier side, since they come at regular rates. They also come with a 1-year contract, but on the brighter side, you don’t have to worry about price hikes after a year of your service.

Its fiber internet provides excellent value, but the speeds you get depend on your location. However, a wide variety of symmetrical internet speeds make it easier to choose the most suitable internet plan for your home or business. Here are the essential details of EarthLink internet plans.

Plan Monthly Price Speed Learn More
100 Mbps $59.95/month 100 Mbps Call Now
300 Mbps $69.95/month 300 Mbps Call Now
500 Mbps $79.95/month 500 Mbps Call Now
1000 Mbps $89.95/month 1000 Mbps Call Now
2000 Mbps $129.95/month 2000 Mbps Call Now
5000 Mbps $189.95/month 5000 Mbps Call Now

Cheapest Internet in Brooklyn

We all want affordable options especially in recent times when the inflation is at all-time high. Brooklyn has few internet providers like Optimum, Starry, Astound and Spectrum who specially offer affordable services or special programs to keep the residents connected. But who provides the cheapest internet in Brooklyn?

Starry Internet

Starry Internet is an excellent fixed wireless internet provider in Brooklyn for people with a limited budget. It is the cheapest internet provider in Brooklyn, offering plans starting at $30. You can find this provider in mostly the north, center, and east of this borough. Unlike wired internet connections, Starry relies on its cutting-edge wireless technology to transmit a massive amount of data over short distances. Hence, it is definitely worth checking out if available in your area.

Plan Monthly Price Download Speed / Upload Speed Learn More
Starry Basic $30.00/month 50 Mbps / 50 Mbps Call Now
Starry Plus $50.00/month 200 Mbps / 100 Mbps Call Now
Starry Pro $65.00/month 500 Mbps / 250 Mbps Call Now
Starry Gigabit $80.00/month 1000 Mbps / 500 Mbps Call Now

Its broadband service is not only affordable, but also supports high-speed and low-latency internet connectivity. Starry Internet provides a noticeably better connection than DSL internet providers. Its internet plans are inexpensive and contract-free. They also come with unlimited data and zero monthly equipment fees. These customer-friendly terms and straightforward price policies make Starry the cheapest internet provider in Brooklyn.

Coverage Area of Internet Providers in Brooklyn

The borough enjoys excellent internet connectivity, with 99.6% of the residents having access to the internet. If we compare the internet speeds, 100% of the Brooklynites have access to 250 Mbps or higher connections, and approximately 49% have access to more than 1000 Mbps speeds. These figures exceed both the state's and the country's average.

What about the connection types? Most Brooklynites can access cable internet, while fiber is available to only 65% of the residents. DSL internet is the second most available connection type, but due to the slower speeds of this service, people often opt for cable internet providers.

There are plenty of wired internet providers in Brooklyn like Verizon, Spectrum, EarthLink, Optimum, and Astound available. On the other hand, you can also find excellent wireless internet services providing connectivity to people who cannot access the wired options. Here is the coverage area of the top 10 internet providers in Brooklyn.

Providers Coverage Area Type of Internet
Spectrum 28% Hybrid fiber-coaxial cable
Verizon Fios 99.7% Fiber
Verizon Fios 99% Fiber
Optimum 75% Cable, Fiber
Starry Internet 24% Fixed Wireless
EarthLink 70% DSL, Fiber, Wireless, Satellite
Astound Broadband 2% Cable
Viasat 100% Satellite
HughesNet 100% Satellite
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet 35% 5G/LTE
BarrierFree 55% Fixed Wireless

Final Word

With 2.4 million residing in this populated borough, Brooklyn internet providers deliver excellent service to keep up with their demands. Hence, 22 internet providers in Brooklyn operate to provide top-notch connectivity to homes and businesses. So, if you are also planning to relocate to this borough, you can evaluate the top internet providers to find the most suitable option available at your address.

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