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Want to experience high-speed internet with the freedom to make Unlimited Nationwide calls while enjoying your favorite TV shows in California? Discover Spectrum California Internet, TV, and Phone Bundles in your area.

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Quick Facts About Spectrum California

California is a hub of innovations; the most prominent of them being the internet. The Golden State is not only known for its beautiful landscape but is recognized internationally due to its film and showbiz industry. Home to around 40 million people, this state ranks as the 6th most connected state. Californians are known to lead an incredibly fast-paced life, whereby they don’t normally compromise on their connectivity and entertainment requirements. Spectrum California recognizes these needs and stands out as the most reliable cable internet service provider in the State. Charter Spectrum offers Californians the best-bundled services and lets them connect with the world at the most pocket-friendly prices.

With Spectrum in California, you can enjoy high-speed internet, HD cable, and home phone service in one package. Its bundle deals connect you with internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps and provide a free modem with every plan. You can also enjoy your favorite TV shows in high definition with Spectrum TV®. Moreover, its phone service, Spectrum Voice®, makes sure that you stay connected and up to date with your loved ones.

Spectrum CA bundles cater to your TV, internet, and phone requirements in the best possible way. You can enjoy online streaming without any buffering or even transfer large files with its internet service, or you can enjoy your favorite Netflix series or any other film or movie anywhere you want. You can even make long or short-distance calls with a crystal clear voice without any disruptions or breakdowns. Spectrum bundle deals make everything possible from almost 1000 Mbps speeds, 125+ HD channels, and more than 28 calling features. The best part about these deals is that there aren't any hidden fees or binding contracts involved.

Bundle Deals & Plans Offered By Spectrum in California

Spectrum Internet® California

Most of our daily activities require high-speed internet. Lagging internet speeds can be frustrating and ruin your overall online experience. Whether it’s streaming, downloading, or playing games, all of these activities require a high-speed connection. Spectrum Internet® CA stands out from other service providers due to its high-speed connectivity. Partnered with the latest technology, Spectrum has expanded its coverage throughout the Golden State.

Depending on your address in California, you can get access to various internet speeds starting from 100 Mbps and going up to almost 1000 Mbps. Fun and entertainment does not stop here because Spectrum offers thousands of hotspots nationwide through which you can enjoy unlimited streaming, downloading, or browsing the internet because there aren’t any data caps in place. If you want to stay up to date with the latest news, then you can access exclusive content featuring news, sports, movies, and On-Demand listing. Spectrum also offers 10 associated email accounts with your very own email ID through the Spectrum.net portal.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then don’t hesitate to call us and let Spectrum Customer Service CA guide you in choosing the best bundle deal as per your requirements.

Spectrum TV® California

A monotonous routine can oftentimes be dull, with the TV being your only resource to relieve boredom and stress. Nothing drives away boredom like your favorite show in HD. Spectrum TV® opens a world of possibilities with its numerous features that can enhance your entertainment experience.

Spectrum CA provides unlimited entertainment with its 125+ channels in high definition, and DVR service so you can record your favorite shows and watch it later at your heart’s content. It lets you watch your favorite shows in sharp picture quality with Dolby Digital surround sound. Spectrum TV® lets you access thousands of movies, TV shows, and live events with its On-Demand lists. You can even watch local, regional or international channels, including CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, Cartoon Network, Food Network, OWN, and the Hallmark Movie Channel anywhere at any time with the Spectrum free TV app.

Spectrum in CA gives you a wide variety of options to choose from and lets you watch TV on your terms. It redefines your entire family’s digital entertainment experience.

Spectrum Voice® California

Phone calls help you create stronger connections and bring better clarity, and understanding while conversing with personal and business contacts. Spectrum California further elevates the whole experience with its home phone service called Spectrum Voice®.

Spectrum Voice® is known for providing crystal clear voice quality during every call. It lets you enjoy unlimited nationwide calls and keeps you connected with friends & family with more than 28 calling features, including caller ID and Voicemail. You can even converse with your loved ones internationally at the most market-competitive rates. Spectrum CA cares for its customers immensely and doesn’t bind you in any contract.

You can enjoy this service at an even more economical price if you bundle it with internet and TV services. Spectrum Triple and Double Play bundles let you enjoy all these quality services under one bill.

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