Spectrum in Florida

Want to experience high-speed internet with the freedom to make Unlimited Nationwide calls while enjoying your favorite TV shows in Florida? Discover TV, Internet, and Phone Bundles with Spectrum Florida in your area.

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Quick Facts About Spectrum in Florida

Florida is a dream destination for people from all walks of life due to its incredibly diverse Floridian landscape. Whether you are visiting to experience nightlife in Miami or theme parks of Orlando, Florida has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and leisure. With so much to experience and enjoy, the Sunshine State ranks as the 14th most connected state. There are more than 26 internet providers in the State, with Spectrum in Florida, clearly identified as a crowd favourite due to its unrivalled bundle offers. To keep themselves connected, most Floridians like to bundle high-speed internet with cable television and phone services to maximize savings on their monthly bill.

Creating a bundle offer for TV, Internet, and Phone services that meets your requirements has never been simpler with Spectrum Florida deals. The provider offers internet speeds from 100Mbps to 940 Mbps in many areas of Florida. Not only that, you get to have the internet modem free of cost with every internet plan. For all your television needs, Spectrum Cable Florida offers multiple options to choose from with free HD, On-Demand, and Spectrum TV® App as part of the deal. Spectrum Voice® offers unlimited local and long-distance calling with more than 25 features including Voicemail and Caller ID support.

Spectrum’s Triple Play Bundle is the most popular in Florida where you can combine Spectrum TV®, Internet, and Phone services all in one amazing deal. Some key features of the deal include access to more than 150 high-definition television channels with the convenience of recording and rewinding pre-programmed and live TV events along with Internet speeds of up to 1000 Mbps through which you can stream movies and music, indulge in online gaming, attend meetings and video conferences or simply surf the web. And if that wasn’t enough, how about unlimited local and long-distance calling with crystal-clear digital home phone service from Spectrum Voice®.

Bundle Deals & Plans Offered By Spectrum in Florida

Spectrum Internet® in Florida

Spectrum high-speed internet is a great value-addition for your data-centric Internet lifestyle. With ultra-fast bandwidth offering download speeds of up to 200 Mbps, with upload rates of up to 4Mbps, you no longer have to waste your time snoozing, while waiting to download files, stream videos, play your favorite online games or simply surf your bookmarked webpages.

Spectrum Internet® Florida offers the "Spectrum.net" portal which gives you access to your very own email with 10 associated email accounts as well as sports, news, online games, On-Demand listings, and exclusive video content. But the fun doesn’t end here; you get your very own free modem with rental costs imported into your monthly bill and a fully functional security suite software, protecting up to 3 personal computers of your family against malware, spyware, and other uninvited guests.

Does this sound like a deal worth grabbing? Then don’t hesitate! Give us a call and let Spectrum Customer service Florida guide you in your journey towards Spectrum Internet®, TV, and Phone Bundles in your area.

Spectrum TV® in Florida

Spectrum TV® is a great excuse to bring the best of digital entertainment to your home for the entire family. Spectrum Cable Florida is offering subscribers crystal-clear audio and video quality on more than 200 channels. Not only that, you get to keep your favorite local and regional channels. How cool is that!

A touch of your remote control will let you have access to thousands of On Demand choices, including HDTV films, shows, and live events. You get to enjoy sharp picture quality with Dolby Digital surround sound on more than 125 stations, including CNBC, Cartoon Network, Bloomberg, Food Network, Fox Business, OWN, and the Hallmark Movie Channel. The free Spectrum TV® app helps you access all of your favorite entertainment channels on the go by giving you a full channel lineup along with On Demand options. This way you can watch TV on your terms, the way it was always supposed to be.

The fun continues if you are a music lover because you get an additional 45 stations of digital music over an extensive variety of genres. So get into the groove with those tunes and let Spectrum in Florida redefine television for you and the entire family.

Spectrum Voice® in Florida

Speaking endlessly to loved ones without having to worry about your phone bill is like a dream come true. Spectrum Voice® converts your dreams into reality when you subscribe to voice bundles offering unlimited local and long-distance calling across the United States. This offer comes with no hidden costs or binding contracts. Voice offers from Spectrum Florida give you access to more than 28 calling features, including caller ID and Voicemail.

Are you concerned about having to change your existing gear, including your handset when you opt for Spectrum’s voice bundles? Relax and enjoy your conversations on your existing handset without the hassle of any new gear. And if that wasn’t enough to excite you, Spectrum will gladly buy out your existing phone contract for up to the value of $500 today when you plan your switch.

If you are an entrepreneur or a business professional who has to make frequent international calls, Voice options provide you with the best international rates in Florida. You can experience a world of convenience, savings, and entertainment for the entire family when you opt for Spectrum’s Double or Triple Play bundle that includes Spectrum Internet® and TV.

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