Spectrum Plans & Pricing in Florida

Spectrum One in FL

  • Internet + Advanced WiFi + Unlimited Mobile.
  • Access to Spectrum WiFi Hotspots.
  • Up to 1 Gbps Download Speeds.
Plans start as Low $49.99

/mo. for 12 mos*

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Best Spectrum Bundles & Deals in Florida

Spectrum Intenet Plans in Florida

Spectrum high-speed internet is a great value addition to your data-centric Internet lifestyle. With ultra-fast bandwidth offering download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps and upload rates of up to 35 Mbps, you no longer have to snooze while waiting for the files to download, videos and games to load, or simply for the webpages to refresh.

Spectrum Internet® Florida’s three-speed tiers are curated to match the varying needs of all households, ranging from light to heavy internet usage. The month-to-month plans include unlimited data, a 30-day free trial, a free modem, and antivirus software activation on 3 personal computers. But the long list of perks doesn’t end here. You can bundle up to get more services for the price of one.

Does this sound like a deal worth grabbing? Then don’t hesitate! Give us a call and let Spectrum Customer Service Florida guide you in your journey towards Spectrum Internet®, TV, and Phone combos in your area.

Spectrum Cable TV Packages in Florida

Get the best of digital entertainment in the comfort of your home with Spectrum TV® packages. Hallmark to Disney, and Food Network to MTV, the best of cable TV packed in one!

Spectrum TV® Florida is offering subscribers crystal-clear audio and video on more than 150 channels. Not only that, you can customize your channel lineup to view your favorite entertainment and regional sports channels. How cool is that?!

And if, you feel like the cable TV channels have lost their sensory appeal, then sign in to the Spectrum TV® App for a whole new world of exciting content. The App gives you free access to over 85,000 most in-demand movies and shows. Powered by Dolby Digital surround sound, you can recreate cinematic magic at home with sharp picture quality and acoustics.

The fun continues with more personalization, thanks to Spectrum DVR’s premium recording features. You can now record up to 100 live TV shows and save them for a year on Cloud DVR. So, switch to Spectrum TV® Florida and redefine on-screen entertainment for you and your family.

Spectrum Mobile™ Plans in Florida

Get unbeatable coverage, supremely low rates, and non-stop connectivity, right here at Spectrum Mobile™ Florida. Choose between Spectrum Mobile™’s prepaid fixed data and unlimited data plans to enjoy nationwide 5G coverage, unlimited calling, and texting to any network within the USA.

Using Verizon’s ultra-wideband 5G network, Spectrum Mobile™ provides up to 50 GB of high-speed data, 10 GB of hotspot tethering, and international roaming at the lowest possible rates. With the Spectrum Mobile™ service, no place is too far for sending digital love.


$19/GB per months*
  • Share data upto 10 lines
  • Pay for the data you use
  • Switch to unlimited anytime for data


$29.99/mo.* per line with 2+ lines
  • Unlimited talk, text & data (full speeds up to 30 GB)
  • More freedom to surf & stream
  • Switch between unlimited or unlimited Plus anytime


$39.99/mo.* per line with 2+ lines
  • Unlimited talk, text & data (full speeds up to 50 GB)
  • More freedom to surf & stream
  • Switch between unlimited or unlimited Plus anytime
  • Free roaming in Mexico & Canada

Spectrum Home Phone Service in Florida

When you have that “No you hang up. No you hang up” kinda love, then Spectrum Voice® is the wingman you need. You can talk for hours and strengthen your bonds through long-distance calls to friends and family, without worrying about massive hikes in phone bills.

Spectrum Voice® unlimited service starts at $14.99 per month, offering endless domestic and international communication at standard calling rates. This service comes with no hidden costs or binding contracts. Home phone offers from Spectrum Florida give you access to more than 28 calling features, including caller ID, call blocking, and voicemail.

So, add the Spectrum Voice® line to your existing Spectrum Internet® and TV packages and explore a realm of convenience, savings, and boundless connectivity for as low as $124.97 per month.

Is Spectrum Available in Your Area?

Spectrum is enriching lives in the Sunshine State with its exciting discount deals, cutting-edge tech, and superior customer service. The availability of Spectrum Florida extends to 155 cities and towns, indiscriminately connecting rural, suburban, and urban areas to groundbreaking telecommunications solutions. Enter your zip code and explore unparalleled digital connectivity at Floridian homes and offices.

Quick Facts About Spectrum in Florida

With so much to experience and enjoy, the Sunshine State ranks as the 14th most connected state in the USA. There are more than 26 internet providers in Florida, with Spectrum clearly identified as a crowd favorite due to its unrivaled bundle offers, convenient billing, customer service excellence, and more.

Spectrum Florida offers savings of up to $40 per month by combining its high-speed Internet plans, nationwide 5G mobile service, HD cable TV deals, and unlimited home phone connections in one cost-saving bundle package.

Here’s what Floridians can expect with their Spectrum value-packed deals:

  • Internet speeds up to 1,000 Mbps
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Free modem and antivirus software
  • Whole-home WiFi coverage
  • 150+ HD TV channels
  • 85,000+ On-Demand titles
  • Free access to the Spectrum TV® App
  • Unlimited data, calls, and texts
  • 28+ advanced calling features

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