Spectrum BYOD

Keep using the device you love along with your current phone number when you make the switch to Spectrum Mobile through the Spectrum BYOD option. Enjoy unlimited talk and text with no extra charges, taxes, or binding contracts.

  • Your existing phone number stays in use
  • No extra fee for new equipment
  • Free nationwide talk and text
  • Flexibility to change plans
  • Nationwide Free WiFi network

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Bring Your Own Device and Save Big

Bring your smartphone, tablet, or any other device to Spectrum Mobile and enjoy unlimited talk and text without any extra charges, taxes, or contracts.

Spectrum Mobile’s “Bring Your Own Device” Offer

Spectrum BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) offer lets you keep your current number along with your existing phone or device (which should be compatible with Spectrum) when you switch to Spectrum Mobile. Both Android and iPhone devices are supported. However, before changing carriers, please ensure that you back up your device, have it "unlocked", and update the latest software to experience a seamless switch. The best part about the Spectrum BYOD option is the port-in number facility, where your existing number stays in use from your earlier carrier. When you switch to Spectrum, you also get to experience a difference in coverage quality because Spectrum makes use of Verizon's quality network infrastructure providing you with flawless connectivity.

Making a switch to a low-cost carrier plan such as Spectrum Mobile using the Spectrum BYOD offer is simple, safe, and secure. Simply pick a plan of your choice, contact customer services, and have your SIM card delivered via mail to your preferred address. Enjoy the flexibility of changing plans at your discretion without incurring additional costs, taxes, fees, or the hassle of binding contracts. As and when you decide to change the carrier, simply cancel or amend your existing plan for a better or more conducive option. Spectrum's affordable mobile plans help you save where and when it matters the most.

Phones Compatible with Spectrum BYOD Deal

iPhone Samsung Google
iPhone SE Samsung A10 Pixel
iPhone 6s Samsung A20 Pixel XL
iPhone 6s Plus Galaxy S8 Pixel 2
iPhone 7 Galaxy S8+ Pixel 2 XL
iPhone 7 Plus Galaxy S9 Pixel 3
iPhone 8 Galaxy S9+ Pixel 3 XL
iPhone 8 Plus Galaxy Note 9 Pixel 3a
iPhone x Galaxy Note 10 Pixel 3a XL
iPhone XS Max Galaxy Note 10+ Pixel 5 (5G)
iPhone XS Galaxy S10
iPhone XR Galaxy S10+
iPhone 11 Galaxy S10e
iPhone 11 Pro Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (5G)

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