Spectrum Mobile Trade-in & Phones for Sale

Trade your old phone for a new one and get an extra $100 credit on your latest Mobile. With the Spectrum Mobile Trade-in Offer, you can now get the best resale value on your device trade-off.

  • Get the best price for your old phone
  • Receive extra $100 credit
  • Get a $500 discount on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Pay off half and qualify for an early upgrade
  • Enjoy unlimited calls, texts, and data for just $29.99/mo

Eligibility Criteria for Spectrum Mobile Trade-in Option

To qualify for the Spectrum Mobile Trade-In offer, your current device must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The device should be completely paid off.
  • The device should be in good working condition. Minor damages like cracked screens are acceptable.
  • There shouldn’t be any signs of oxidation or liquid damage.
  • The Find My App on iPhone should be disabled.
  • All the data is backed up and the phone is restored to factory settings.

Please take note that many old versions of iPhones and Android phones are no longer accepted under the Spectrum Mobile Trade-in offer as they cannot support the 5G network. Therefore, it is best to check for your phone's eligibility for the trade-in by giving us a call.

Trade In Your Phone

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Step 1

Check Device Eligibility

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Step 2

Evaluate Your Device Value

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Step 3

Deliver Your Old Device

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Step 4

Get Your New Device and Free Credit

Bring your smartphone, tablet, or any other device to Spectrum and enjoy unlimited talk and text without any extra charges, taxes, or contracts. Switch to Spectrum Mobile and get ready to go on a shopping spree. The Spectrum Mobile Trade-in offer allows you to exchange your old phone with the latest Samsung and iPhones available in the Spectrum store. To avail of the Spectrum Mobile Trade-in offer, you must be subscribed to one of the Spectrum Internet Plans.

Spectrum Phones for Sale in 2023

The Spectrum store carries a limited stock of recent-generation phones for sale from brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG, and Alcatel. The following table shows the latest Spectrum phones for sale in 2023. You can choose your favorite mobile phone and avail of the Spectrum Mobile trade-in deal.

Upgrade Your Spectrum Mobile Device

You can upgrade your phones to the latest models through the Spectrum Mobile Trade-in offer. To qualify for an early upgrade, you must have paid off more than half of the total value of your current Spectrum phone. Please take note that early upgrades are not available for Spectrum stores that offer the Spectrum BYOD option.

All customers who have completely paid off their current Spectrum phone automatically qualify for the Spectrum Mobile Trade-in offer. Simply sign in to your Spectrum account to check and confirm the eligibility of your existing device. Proceed to purchase one of the Spectrum phones for sale and ship the old one back to Spectrum. You can continue paying for the new device in installments through the original monthly payment plan or switch to a different plan for a simultaneous upgrade of your data.

If your current mobile is already registered for Spectrum’s Mobile Protection Plan, your plan will be transferred to the new device upon purchase, free of charge.

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Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan

For an additional monthly fee, you can purchase the Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan with your new Mobile to secure your device against

  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Accidental damage (drops, spills, cracks)
  • Mechanical or electrical failure after the
    expiration of manufacturer’s warranty

The Mobile Protection Plan provides complete coverage for your device and its accessories including; phone battery, charger, earphones, and SIM card. The Spectrum Monthly Protection Plan is offered by an Assurant. Therefore, all insurance claims must be made on your dedicated Assurant account portal. All Spectrum-bought iPhone users are eligible for AppleCare Services under the Spectrum Monthly Protection Plan.

Please take note that Spectrum Monthly Protection Plan is optional for all new buyers, including the ones who bought it through the Spectrum Mobile Trade-in offer. Depending on your device, the Spectrum Monthly Protection Plan costs as low as $10 per month. Defaulting on your payments for the Monthly Protection Plan will not result in coverage cancelation and you can continue using the device even after opting out of the protection plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spectrum Mobile Trade-in Offer allows you to exchange your old phone for a brand new phone. The list of Spectrum phones for sale include newly launched, nextgen Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Alcatel, and Kyocera phones that can be bought for as low as $14 per month.

To qualify for the Spectrum Mobile Trade-in Offer, you must be a Spectrum Internet subscriber. First, select the phone that you would like to purchase from the list of Spectrum phones for sale and place an order for it. Your new phone will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days.

Next, contact us to check the trade-in value of your current phone. You will be asked to enter a few details such as your phone’s make, model, storage, and IMEI. Once you have submitted the request for trade-in, Assurant, Spectrum’s third-party partner will evaluate the trade-in value of your phone and send you an estimate via email. If you like the price that has been quoted to you, you may proceed to ship your phone to Assurant. Please take note that the device that needs to be traded must be shipped within 21 days of the purchase of the new Spectrum phone. Upon receiving your device, Assurant will assess it for damages and send you a final trade-in value. If you accept the offer, the amount will be credited to your account along with an extra $100. The credit can be used to pay off your new Spectrum phone. If you refuse the offer, Assurant will return your old phone.

To check the trade-in value of your current device, share the details of your phone with spectrum. You will be asked to state your phone’s make, model number, storage, and IMEI. The Assurant will review this information and send you an estimated trade-in value via email. A final price will be quoted once you have shipped the phone to Assurant for device assessment.

As long as your current phone is being financed through one of the six Spectrum Device Payment Plans, and you have paid off more than half of your phone, you are qualified to apply for an early upgrade. You can trade in your old phone for a new one.

Yes, older versions of Samsung phones can be traded for the latest iPhones as long as the device meets the eligibility criteria for the Spectrum Mobile trade-in offer.

Old phones with slightly damaged screens can be traded for new phones. However, if the screen shows signs of liquidation and the touch sensors are unresponsive, your device will not be accepted as a trade-in.

Yes, you must return your old Spectrum phone within 21 days of purchase. After getting an estimate on your old phone’s trade-in value, you will have to ship the device to an Assurant. The Assurant will give you a final trade-in value after it has assessed your phone for damages. If you are not happy with the price quoted by Assurant, your phone will be returned to you.

In most cases, your old phone will be refurbished and resold as a second-hand phone on the market. As a general rule, carriers offering mobile trade-in deals do not accept very old and damaged phones. But in case your phone was accepted for trade-in despite being in very poor condition, the carrier will take it apart and use the recyclable parts for the manufacturing of new phones. The non-recyclable parts will be discarded in compliance with HIPPA safety standards.

For your phone to be eligible for Spectrum Mobile trade-in, it must be fully paid off. The device should be in good working condition and restored to factory setting. Your mobile should not show any signs of oxidation or liquid damage. Scratches and minor cracks on the screen are acceptable.

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