If fiber and cable internet are unreachable and DSL internet is slow, satellite internet is your best bet for getting online. Usually, rural and remote areas are not serviced by wired broadband, leaving a staggering number of people without a high-speed internet connection. Fortunately, satellite internet has evolved a lot in recent years, providing much better speeds to people.

Viasat is a viable internet option for rural areas with speeds just behind Starlink. However, it has much wider availability and is one of the best satellite internet providers. This Viasat internet review will give you insight into how it may be your best option to get internet connectivity while living in the countryside. With more plans, higher speeds, and data, Viasat is undoubtedly the best rural internet provider.

Viasat Home Internet Review

Viasat is a high-speed satellite internet provider known for its nationwide coverage and multiple internet plans. Viasat is powered by a high-capacity communications satellite and offers higher internet speeds than its rival, HughesNet, and even some DSL internet providers. However, this internet is still not comparable to wired internet options like fiber and cable due to the considerable distance between the surface of Earth and its satellite in space which translates to higher latency.

Viasat is still a top choice for many residential customers and government agencies due to its geographical reach. It even reaches areas where you cannot find any other internet option. Besides internet solutions, Viasat also offers home phone service and collaborates with DISH TV to provide internet and TV bundles.

You can use the Viasat internet for everyday activities like online shopping, school assignments, web browsing, and staying connected with your family. However, it is not the best option for data-heavy activities like competitive gaming, online streaming, or virtual meetings.

Viasat is Suitable For:

  • Rural and remote population
  • People who can’t access other wired internet options
  • Light internet users

Viasat is Unsuitable For:

  • People who can access wired internet options like cable or fiber internet
  • Professional gamers and streamers
  • Remote workers

Pros & Cons of Viasat Internet


  • Nationwide coverage
  • Higher speeds than other rural internet providers
  • Multiple plans
  • Lower costs per Mbps than HughesNet


  • Expensive with price hikes after three months
  • High latency
  • Requires 2-year contract

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Review of Viasat Internet Plans

Viasat offers a selection of plans divided into five tiers, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. But the availability of Viasat internet plans depends on your address as most locations can only access the first three tiers. The speeds and data allowance increase with the tiers, and so does the price.

Additionally, Viasat’s New Choice home internet plans allow customers in select markets to experience consistent speeds and more data. The provider aims to fulfill the evolving needs of its customers with these plans.

While Viasat is a relatively affordable satellite internet option at lower tiers, higher tiers plans tend to be more expensive. It offers speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to 150 Mbps, with prices starting from $65 to $300. Viasat offers internet plans with introductory prices, which are raised by $20 to $100 after the first three months, making it one of the most expensive providers.

Existing Plans

PlanIntroductory PriceInternet SpeedData CapsContact Viasat
Unlimited Bronze 12$49.99/month12 Mbps40 GBCall Now
Unlimited Silver 25$69.99/month25 Mbps60 GBCall Now
Unlimited Gold 50$99.99/month50 Mbps100 GBCall Now
Unlimited Platinum 100$149.99/month100 Mbps150 GBCall Now
Unlimited Diamond 100$199.99/month100 Mbps300 GBCall Now

New Choice Plans

PlanIntroductory PriceInternet SpeedData CapsContact Viasat
Choice 25$65/month25 Mbps40 GBCall Now
Choice 50$85/month50 Mbps60 GBCall Now
Choice 75$120/month75 Mbps100 GBCall Now
Choice 100$170/month100 Mbps150 GBCall Now
Choice 125$250/month125 Mbps300 GBCall Now
Choice 150$250/month150 Mbps300 GBCall Now

Viasat Liberty Plans

Viasat also offers liberty plans with a consistent 12 Mbps speed. These plans are much cheaper than Viasat’s unlimited plans, but they also have lower data allowances, leading you to experience reduced internet speeds once you exceed the set limit. However, Liberty plans also have a free zone, which allows you to use free unlimited data from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Viasat Unlimited Bronze 12 Review

Usually, satellite internet providers enforce data caps, and Viasat is the same. Although it advertises its plans as unlimited, it gives you a monthly data allowance and throttles your speed once you exceed that limit.

Viasat Unlimited Bronze 12 is the basic plan of Viasat, starting at $70 a month. This low-tier plan includes 12 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds with 40 GB monthly data and a 2-year contract. This Viasat plan is suitable for:

  • Connecting two small devices
  • Light internet users who don’t require more data
  • Web browsing
  • Checking emails
  • Using social media

Viasat Unlimited Silver 25 Review

Viasat caters to the internet requirements of every user by providing various options. This Silver-tier plan offers more speed and monthly data and is suitable for connecting three small screen devices.

Viasat Unlimited Silver delivers 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds with 60 GB monthly data. This plan is comparatively more expensive than others, starting at $100 a month and jumping to $150 after the first three months of service. This plan is suitable for:

  • Checking emails
  • Frequent streaming
  • Light internet users

Viasat Unlimited Gold 50 Review

Viasat Unlimited Gold is a mid-tier plan by Viasat perfectly suitable for connecting four medium and large screen devices. This internet plan comes with 50 Mbps speed and 100 GB of high-speed monthly data, sufficient to support occasional streaming in addition to basic internet activities.

Additionally, this plan can support a basic security system without cameras. Of course, a high tier means a higher price. This Unlimited Gold plan starts at $150 a month and increases to $200 after the first three months. Overall, this plan is ideal for

  • Small households
  • Frequent streaming
  • Basic internet activities 

Viasat Unlimited Platinum 100 Review

The Unlimited Platinum 100 is the second-highest tier offered by Viasat. This home internet plan with 100 Mbps speed and 150 GB of monthly data is ideal for connecting five to six large screen devices. This plan is sufficient to support daily internet activities like streaming, gaming, and working from home.

Since Viasat’s internet plans are location-based, you may not find this plan at every address. If this plan fulfills your monthly data usage requirements, you can get it at $200 for the first three months. After that, Viasat will hike the price to $300. In conclusion, this Viasat plan is ideal for

  • Medium households
  • Streaming
  • Completing assignments

Viasat Unlimited Diamond 100 Review

The Unlimited Diamond 100 is the highest tier offered by Viasat. Although this plan delivers the same speed as Unlimited Platinum 100, it includes a higher monthly data allowance of 300 GB. Hence, this Viasat home internet package is excellent for data-heavy activities like HD streaming, gaming, and more.

Viasat Unlimited Diamond 100 is also not accessible at every location. Additionally, not everyone can afford this plan as it costs a whopping $300 per month. Viasat further increases the price to $400 after the introductory period. Overall, this plan is excellent for

  • Heavy internet users
  • Large households
  • HD Streaming

Viasat Bundles

Your internet service can rack up your monthly bill. Therefore many people opt for internet bundles to save some costs. Like all the other providers, Viasat also offers several bundles in addition to its internet service. It allows you to add DISH Satellite TV or Viasat Voice to your internet package.

These bundle packages enable you to enjoy numerous calling features, 290+ HD channels, including ESPN, Disney, the Hallmark channel, and thousands of On-Demand titles. If you are not a fan of satellite TV, you can also bundle Viasat Voice and internet for only an additional price of $19.99/month for the first half year.

Some of the best Viasat bundles are shown in the following table:

BundleStarting PriceChannelsHome PhoneContact Viasat
Viasat Unlimited Internet + Voice$69.99/monthMultiple calling features unlimited local and long-distance callingCall Now
Viasat Internet + DISH TV$109.99/month290+Call Now

Additional Costs

Every Viasat plan comes with a monthly equipment fee, installation, and some contract requirements.

Equipment Fee

Viasat charges an average monthly equipment rental fee of $13. However, unlike others, you cannot avoid this fee by using your own equipment. Instead, you can buy Viasat’s equipment for an upfront $299. And although this cost might seem a lot at first, it is a sensible investment if you plan to use Viasat’s service for a long time.

Equipment rental$13/month
Equipment purchase$299

Installation Fee

The installation fee also adds to your additional costs. Viasat only provides professional installation since its service includes installing a satellite dish on your roof. The provider’s installation fee is $100, but you can ask about the free installation as it is available in select areas. However, it has some qualifying terms.

Professional Installation$100
Free InstallationSelect areas for customers with qualifying credit

No Contract Fee

Viasat also allows you to opt for no-contract plans at a hefty cost. You can choose this option for a $500 upfront fee which only adds to your bill. Therefore, it is better to pick internet packages with a contract if you plan to use Viasat’s internet for a long time.

Other Fees

Here are some other fees associated with Viasat internet service.

Unreturned or late equipment$300
Service call$95(free if you subscribe to Viasat EasyCare)
Dish relocation$200

Viasat Internet Speed

Viasat is one of the fastest satellite internet providers, with download speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to 150 Mbps. And while these speeds are faster than some DSL plans and HughesNet, Viasat’s internet speeds are location-based. Hence, some areas do not get more than 12 Mbps speed.

But even with higher speeds, Viasat is unsuitable for activities like gaming, virtual meetings, or streaming due to its high latency. It is an unfortunate aspect of satellite internet as your data travels a long distance. Moreover, satellite internet has unimpressive upload speeds. Therefore, all Viasat plans have a 3 Mbps upload speed, making it impossible to upload large files or Livestream.

Viasat Download SpeedsViasat Upload Speeds
12 Mbps – 150 MbpsUp to 3 Mbps


All Viasat internet plans require a 2-year contract, which results in a monthly early termination fee of $15 if you terminate your service before it ends. You have to pay this ETF every month for the remaining duration of your contract. Viasat also gives you a no-contract option, but it charges an upfront, nonrefundable $500 for this choice.

Therefore, if Viasat internet is your long-term choice, it is better to stick with an agreement rather than pay half a grand just for a contract-free internet plan.

Data Caps

Viasat enforces data caps on all internet plans, even if they are named unlimited. But the provider has softer data limits on them. For example, on exceeding the data threshold of unlimited plans, Viasat only throttles your speed when there is a lot of traffic. This is not the case with Liberty plans, as Viasat stops your service once you surpass the set limit and you have to buy additional data.

Viasat offers a different range of monthly data allowances with different plans. Where Liberty plans have smaller data caps, Viasat offers more data with unlimited plans. However, it does not allow you to purchase more data with the latter.

Viasat PlansData Caps
Liberty Plans12 GB – 50 GB
Unlimited Plans40 GB – 300 GB
New Choice Plans40 GB – 300 GB

Viasat Free Zone

Viasat offers a Free Zone with select internet packages like Classic, Evolution, Essential, and a few Liberty and Basic plans. This Free Zone is a period during which Viasat does not count your data usage towards your monthly data allowance. Hence, you can download movies, software updates, games, large files, and anything you want to do without monitoring your data consumption.

Additionally, Viasat lifts all the restrictions and restores your internet speed at the beginning of this period. Different plans have different durations for this Free Zone. For example, Liberty plans have a 3-hour Free Zone while you get 5 hours of unmetered data with Evolution and Essential internet plans. Moreover, you can still use this Zone even if you have used up all your monthly data.

Viasat Internet Availability

Although Viasat is available everywhere in the US, its plans vary from address to address. But you still get the option of two or three Viasat internet plans. According to CNET, Viasat’s high-speed plans with 100 Mbps speed are available to 48 ZIP codes in 31 states.

Its nationwide coverage makes it a top internet provider for the rural population as its service only requires a clear view of the southern sky from your home. A clear line of sight between your dish and the satellite in space facilitates a stronger internet connection. Additionally, Viasat does not cover mobile vehicles. Hence, your home should be stationary to access this service.

Viasat’s top service areas include rural areas around:

  • Chattanooga
  • Dallas
  • Frankfort
  • Indianapolis
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis
  • Oklahoma City

Viasat Internet Customer Service Review

It is tough to determine Viasat’s customer service since major reviewers like J.D. Power and American Customer Satisfaction Index do not cover it in their yearly reports. However, like all the other providers, Viasat has its share of negative customer reviews complaining about the service and the internet speeds.

Better Business Bureau has received approximately 2000 complaints against Viasat in the past couple of years. But, BBB has given Viasat an A+ rating due to its quick and timely responses to these complaints.

Is Viasat Good for Gaming?

Latency is a more significant factor for online gaming than internet speed. Therefore, Viasat is usually not the best internet for gaming due to high latency. You cannot play every type of game on this internet as some games require quick actions and consume a lot of data for updates. In short, your gaming experience with Viasat highly depends on the game type.

Viasat can support mobile, single-player, and select multilayer player games that don’t rely on quick responses. You can play these games on Viasat internet:

  • Candy Crush Soda Saga
  • Roblox
  • Minecraft
  • Words with Friends

Viasat vs Other Satellite Internet Providers

Viasat is one of the only three satellite internet providers in the US. We have looked at all the necessary details in this Viasat internet review, but now let’s see how this provider compares with the other two satellite ISPs.

Viasat vs HughesNet

HughesNet is the main rival of Viasat since Starlink is in its development phase. Both providers are available throughout the US, offer plans with data caps, and enforce contracts. But, overall, Viasat is a much better option as it provides more internet plans, speed options, and higher data allowances. As for HughesNet, it only offers a slow but consistent speed of 25 Mbps throughout the country. Plus, its plans are much cheaper, and the prices stay the same for 2 years.

Compare the Top 2 Satellite Internet Providers

Viasat vs HughesNet

Viasat vs Starlink

Starlink is the future of satellite internet and a solution to the persisting digital divide between rural and urban populations. Overall, Starlink is a clear winner as it offers higher speeds, unlimited data, and low latency. Plus, it does not bind you in any contracts. But it is excessively costly and is currently available in certain states. Whereas, you can find Viasat at every location and subscribe to much more affordable plans.


Viasat is a top choice for satellite internet as it presents multiple internet plans with higher monthly data and speeds than its counterpart, HughesNet. Although its service is incomparable to other wired broadband services, Viasat is a decent option for internet connectivity in areas that don’t have these options. We hope this Viasat internet review gave you all the important details about this provider.