Spectrum Triple Play Bundles

  • Free HD
  • On Demand Choices
  • Free Modem
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • No data caps
  • No Contracts/30-money back guarantee

Tv + Internet + Voice

From $114.97/mo

for 12 mos

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Spectrum Triple Play Plans

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Monthly Savings With Spectrum Triple Play Deals

Searching for a quality subscription plan to handle all your entertainment and connectivity-related needs? Now you can work, watch, and stay connected with the Spectrum Triple Play plan when you bundle high-speed internet, cable TV, and home phone service in one convenient, affordable deal.

Gain access to hundreds of TV channels to stream at home or on the go, download the latest music from the Billboard Top 100 on iTunes with reliable high-speed internet and engage in multiple-attendee phone conferences with friends and family abroad. Spectrum Triple Play helps you maximize savings on your monthly bills by offering three major services that every household needs under a single plan.

Spectrum Triple Play deals save you from the inconvenience of handling additional bills from multiple service providers at the end of each billing cycle. Furthermore, Spectrum Triple Play bundles are available at market-competitive rates that are comparatively economical than the cost of subscribing for all three services separately.

Tv + Internet + Voice

from $114.97/monthly

for 12 mos


Overview of Spectrum Services

Why Choose Spectrum?

Selecting Spectrum as your preferred service provider ensures ease of access, convenience, reliability, and amazing customer service. But when you opt for Spectrum bundle deals such as the Spectrum Double Play & Spectrum Triple Play plans, you get to experience a whole new world of entertainment and savings.

The Spectrum Double Play bundle deal combines high-speed internet with cable TV in an affordable price range, giving you complete authority over the internet bandwidth that works for you as well as the number of channels you want to go with. Likewise, the internet and home phone service option in Spectrum Double Play lets you enjoy unlimited nationwide calling paired with 200 Mbps of internet speed.

Things get even better with Spectrum Triple Play offers where you get to bundle TV, internet, and home phone services together in one affordable deal. This way you get to experience more than 125 HD TV channels, stream and download using ultra-fast internet speeds, and converse for hours with unlimited nationwide calls. Spectrum Triple Play takes care of all your entertainment and connectivity needs in one affordable bill. Learn More

Spectrum Internet, TV and Voice Plans

Spectrum Contract Buyout

Stuck in a contract? Don’t stress out, we are here at your rescue. We'll buy out your contract for up to $500 and will provide you with high-speed internet, HD TV, and unlimited calling across the USA without getting into a binding contract.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 variants of the Spectrum Triple Play plans. These include Spectrum Triple Play Select, Silver, & Gold. All 3 Spectrum Triple Play plans offer TV, Internet & Voice services within an affordable bundle deal. The 3 plans differ in terms of the number of TV channels included in each plan.

There are 3 variants of the Spectrum Double Play plans. These include Spectrum Double Play Select, Silver & Gold. All 3 Spectrum Double Play Plans offer TV and Internet services within an affordable bundle deal. These 3 plans differ in terms of the number of TV channels included in each plan.

Bundling more than one service within a single plan allows you to lower your monthly bill. Selecting one of the Spectrum Double Play or Triple Play plans allows you to lower your monthly bill as compared to subscribing for a standalone Internet, TV, or Voice plan.

If you opt for one of the Spectrum bundle deals, you are saving up to $32 on TV service and $24 on WiFi.

Spectrum does not offer any contracts as its billing is done on a month-to-month basis so you can make any changes to your account whenever you want without incurring any additional cost on it.

Based on the personal information that you provide, the system will determine if there is any amount that needs to be paid upfront; else everything will be added to your first month’s bill.

The prices may go up by $15 to $20, once the promotion expires but as you’re not in a contract you can always call us back and ask for the latest promotions.

Spectrum does offer a contract buyout. However, the provider does offer the option to buy out your contract with your current provider for up to $500.

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