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Spectrum Triple Play Plans

  • Free HD
  • On Demand Choices
  • Free Modem
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • No data caps
  • No Contracts/30-money back guarantee

From $102.97/mo

for 12 mos

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Spectrum Triple Play Packages

Monthly Savings With Spectrum Triple Play Deals

All three Spectrum Triple Play Deals offer internet speeds up to 200 Mbps and unlimited nationwide calling, while the number of HD TV channels varies in each of these plans. However, the one thing that is common in all these plans is that you can maximize savings on your monthly bill by opting for any one of these deals.

Spectrum Triple Play deals save you from the hassle of settling bills from multiple service providers at the end of each month as Spectrum offers the three most important services under a single plan. Additionally, the triple play plans are offered at affordable rates that are lower than the cost of subscribing to these three services independently.

TV + Internet + Voice

from $102.97/monthly

for 12 mos when bundled with TV


Overview of Spectrum Services

Why Choose Spectrum?

There is no reason for you to not choose spectrum! Some unique features of Spectrum, are that they do not bind their customers through any contracts. This freedom enables the customers to subscribe and unsubscribe anytime they like. Spectrum also gives its users unlimited data usage. People obviously love & value this advantage that enables them to browse the internet as much as they want!

Another reason for choosing spectrum is its high-quality service, whether it’s providing a diverse lineup of channels, live TV streaming to getting a home phone service with more than 28 features. Spectrum also helps you if you are stuck in any contract with its contract buyout offer. This makes it easy for you to come out of a contract without any hassle, as spectrum takes care of everything. Spectrum’s internet assist program that focuses on helping seniors with lower rates and high-quality internet is a win-win for both Spectrum and its potential customers.

Spectrum Internet TV and Voice Plans

Spectrum Contract Buyout

Stuck in a contract? Don’t stress out, we are here at your rescue. We'll buy out your contract for up to $500 and will provide you with high-speed internet, HD TV, and unlimited calling across the USA without getting into a binding contract.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which services does Spectrum Offer?

    Spectrum offers voice, cable TV and internet services. With service that entails top speed internet, multiple channels in cable TV and home phone across 42 states, Spectrum is definitely one of a kind! They have different bundles for all the services to accommodate customer’s needs.

  • Spectrum is all about affordability and quality and that’s why it offers you a low introductory price. After a year the prices change according to standard charges of the opted services according to prevalent times.

  • Yes. Spectrum offers senior discounts through its amazing Internet Assist Program for seniors. This includes offering high speed internet to those:

    • Over the age of 65
    • Participants in the SSI program
  • Yes it does. You can get this download speed if you avail Spectrum Internet® Ultra plan. The plan costs $69.99 per month for the first 12 months.This plan also grants you unlimited data and a FREE Internet modem from Spectrum.

  • Spectrum Internet Assist Program works in such a way that those who are eligible for the program enjoy the benefits. The eligibility criteria is simple that one or more members of your house are participants in the ,NSLP,CEP Supplemental Security Income for seniors over the age of 65 You get to enjoy:

    • Lightning fast speed Internet
    • Affordable price
    • Download speed as fast as 30 Mbps
    • Upload speeds up to 4 Mbps
    • Provision of an Internet modem
    • No contracts

    Avail in-home Wi-Fi option at only $5/month.

  • Yes there is. Installation fees depend on the kind of installation you are getting.

    • Professional installation $49.99
    • Self-install kit $9.99

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