Viasat Internet Plans & Pricing

Viasat is a highly accessible internet service provider with plans starting at $39.99 per month. Due to its extensive countrywide coverage, lightning-fast speeds, and high data allotment, Viasat Internet is one of the best nationwide satellite internet services. It brings up a wide range of opportunities and enables flawless streaming and connectivity—even in remote regions.

Viasat Internet Plans Starting at $39.99/mo.

  • Highly accessible throughout the country
  • Offers faster download speeds & high-speed data
  • Is not constrained by wired infrastructure
  • Provides unlimited data with a high-end plan

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Viasat Satellite Internet Plans

Viasat's internet plans are location-dependent, making it complicated to list a general set of plans. However, one thing remains constant: every Viasat internet plan has a short promotional period of only three months, after which a dreadful price hike could dent your pocket. But rest assured, after this initial increase, you won't have to worry about another price hike for the remaining duration of your 2-year contract.

Viasat offers two types of internet plans: Choice and Discovery. Although you might wonder how to pick from such a broad spectrum of options, you can only choose what is available in your area. The chances of accessing Viasat's Discovery plans are higher, as Choice plans cover only a small portion of the country. Viasat internet plans come with a wide range of speed options, ranging from 25 Mbps to 150 Mbps in select areas. Moreover, the provider advertises unlimited standard data but throttles your speed once you cross the high-speed data allowance, which ranges from 60 to 500 GB. Let's take a closer look at Viasat Internet's offerings.

Viasat Choice Internet Plans

Choice 25

This Choice 25 Mbps plan, which starts at $49.99 for the first three months, offers an acceptable 60 GB of high-speed data to support your online activities. While the monthly data limit may not seem impressive to city folks, this Viasat Internet plan is ideal for those living in the tranquil countryside. Just be mindful of the price hike since Viasat raises the price of this plan to $70 after the promotional period. But do not fear; your browsing experience is unaffected.

Choice 50

During the first three months, Viasat Choice 50 offers you the finest internet experience for $69.99 per month. After that, Viasat raises the cost of this plan to $99.99 per month. This price remains constant for the remainder of your contract period. The package offers a hefty 100 GB of data and faster speed than the base plan, 50 Mbps. In short, Choice 50 opens the door to more possibilities, allowing single-user households to indulge in high-quality streaming, web browsing, and connecting with loved ones.

Choice 75

The third plan in Viasat's Choice collection is Choice 75, offering you 75 Mbps speed and 150 GB of high-speed monthly data for $99.99. However, after the initial three months, the price jumps to $149.99 and remains the same for the remaining contract duration. Though the price increase might seem mind-boggling, this Viasat internet plan is ideal for people with modest internet usage and limited options. Viasat Choice 75 is perfect for solo internet users working from home or small families with casual internet needs.

Choice 100

Viasat's remarkable Choice 100 plan is ideal for digital explorers and tech-savvy dreamers. This package opens limitless possibilities for average households looking for more than just a standard connection with a massive 300 GB of high-speed data. Choice 100 offers unmatched download speed in remote and underdeveloped locations, with prices starting at $149.99 and rising to $199.99 after the introductory period. It allows you to immerse in high-definition streaming, complete light-hearted online game tasks, and establish new levels of connectivity.

Choice 100

The final Viasat Choice package delivers a massive 500 GB of high-speed data for just $199.99 for the first three months while offering the same 100 Mbps speed. This Viasat internet plan caters to data enthusiasts who crave the extraordinary. The only downside is that Viasat hikes the price of Choice 100 by $100, setting the post-promotional period cost at $299.99. However, this plan offers sufficient data and speed for downloading huge files, binge-watching limitless Netflix episodes, and participating in video conferences.

Viasat Choice Internet Plans

Discovery 25

Most locations within the country can only access Viasat's Discovery plans, and Discovery 25 is the base plan of this lineup, starting a bit cheaper than its Choice counterpart at $39.99 for the first three months. The regular price of this Viasat internet plan is $59.99, but like all Choice plans, Discovery plans' prices remain the same for the remaining contract duration after the initial price hike. In addition to being less expensive, Discovery 25 offers a higher data allocation of 100 GB, giving lone internet users unlimited access to the web and social media.

Discovery 50

Viasat's captivating Discovery 50 Plan is perfect for bridging the digital divide in rural areas. This plan, starting at $59.99, offers 200 GB of high-speed data. However, Viasat increases the price of Discovery 50 by $20 after the initial three months, setting the cost at $79.99 from the fourth month onwards. Like all the other plans, this Viasat internet plan also comes with unlimited standard data, but be careful when using the allocated high-speed monthly data if you wish to avoid throttled speeds and the extra charges to get more data.

Discovery 100

The third Discovery plan offers 100 Mbps speed and 400 GB of high-speed monthly data for $69.99 per month for the first three months, after which Viasat hikes the price to $119.99. This Viasat internet plan is faster than most satellite offerings you'll find in your area, providing enough bandwidth to support the majority of online activities of average households. Hence, with Discovery 100, your family can enjoy movie streaming, indulge in online gaming, and participate in virtual meetings in moderation.

Discovery 150

The top-tier Discovery 150 package from Viasat offers an outstanding speed that is faster than other satellite options. The most noteworthy aspect is the addition of unlimited high-speed data, which is unusual among satellite internet providers. Priced at $109.99 per month for the first three months, Viasat raises the price of Discovery 150 to $159.99 from the fourth month. However, it is still reasonable as it provides exceptional value and allows you to indulge in almost every activity without the slightest concern about data usage.

Why Choose Viasat Internet Service?

Viasat Internet is a satellite internet provider that is not bound by physical limitations like other wired internet services. America is a large country with a diverse terrain and topography, which makes it difficult for wired internet providers to expand their network. Hence, Viasat is the sole option for internet access in rural and distant areas due to its nationwide availability. The provider offers a wider range of speeds and higher monthly data than its biggest competitor, HughesNet, allowing the rural population to indulge in more data-heavy activities.

Viasat internet plans cater to every individual, giving them the option to choose the best deal for their home. Viasat has an internet plan for every demand, whether you are a casual or a power internet user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Viasat Internet is one of the most expensive internet options in the country, but it is also the 2nd best satellite internet provider and sometimes the only option for internet connectivity in rural and remote regions. However, the redeeming quality of this provider is that it offers a wider range of speeds and higher data allowances, making it easier to pick the most suitable option for your home.

You can use unmetered Viasat internet service for 3 to 5 hours in Viasat's "Free Zone."

As a satellite internet provider, Viasat Internet is susceptible to bad weather conditions, such as severe thunderstorms or heavy snowstorms. This could result in a temporary loss of your connection.

Viasat Internet plans come with a Gateway with built-in WiFi or a modem. However, this equipment is not included in your internet subscription, and you have to pay a monthly rental fee for it.

Viasat offers faster speed tiers with higher data allowance than its competitors, allowing you to easily work from home. Hence, with Viasat Internet plans, you can use various online applications, send emails, and take part in video conferences.

The average download speed of Viasat Internet is 50 Mbps.

Viasat Internet plans are available throughout the country since it is not restricted by wired infrastructure. As a result, it caters to a wide range of markets, including rural areas.

It takes 2 to 3 hours to install Viasat Internet service.

Although Viasat provides sufficient speed for playing the majority of online games, its high latency rate might significantly hinder your gaming experience.

Yes, Viasat's internet plans are good enough to stream shows on Netflix and other services.

Several factors, like an outdated router, consuming more data than allowed, or connecting too many devices, might cause your Viasat Internet connection to slow down. You can pinpoint the primary problem and take the necessary steps to resolve it.

150 Mbps is the fastest Viasat Internet speed.

The cost of Viasat internet plans depends on your location. However, the average starting cost of its Choice plans is $49.99 per month and $39.99 per month for Discovery plans.p>

You can speed up your Viasat Internet Connection through the following steps.

  • Remove the surrounding obstacles that are hindering your dish from receiving satellite signals.
  • Reposition your satellite dish.
  • Verify that your satellite dish is not damaged.
  • Change to a plan with more data allotment.

Viasat uses high-capacity satellites in geostationary orbit around the Earth to serve its customers. These satellites receive and transmit internet signals to and from the ground-based user equipment.

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