Optimum TV Plans & Pricing

Optimum cable TV packages offer an unparalleled viewing experience with well-curated channel lineups and advanced features such as thousands of On-Demand titles, Cloud DVR, and built-in streaming apps. Choose the channel lineup you want at a decent price and watch your favorite shows in 4K quality.

Optimum Cable TV Packages

Optimum TV Add-on Packages & Pricing Details

Optimum's TV plans offer a well-rounded channel lineup, but you can add a personal touch to these options by including a few add-ons. Optimum provides an impressive collection of extras sorted into different categories, giving you the freedom to add your favorite networks to your chosen TV plan. From the popular premium and sports networks to international options, you can watch the content that speaks to you. With Optimum's add-ons, keep up with live sports events, watch blockbuster movies, and access content from all across the world.

Optimum has one of the best price-to-channel ratios in the market, offering four TV plans with starting prices ranging from $40 to $135 per month. These rates are, however, promotional and only last for the first 12 months, after which your bill can increase by up to $30 per month, depending on your TV plan. All Optimum TV plans come with one TV box for free, but you will need to pay an additional monthly fee of $12 for each extra TV box you might need.

Optimum Premium TV Channels

If you are a cinephile and are passionate about all types of movies, from blockbusters to the latest anime films, upgrade your Optimum TV plan with the hottest premium channels. Except for MGM+, the provider offers all the popular premium networks, allowing you to watch the latest movies, live sports events, and original series.

By subscribing to these premium add-ons, you can also access their On-Demand library. All premium channels come at an additional price, but you can enjoy them for free if you are an Optimum Premier TV customer. Here is a list of all the premium channels offered by Optimum.

Premium Channels Monthly Price
Max (HBO) $15.99/mo.
Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® $10.99/mo.
STARZ® $9.99/mo.
STARZ ENCORE℠ $9.99/mo.
Cinemax® $9.99/mo.
The Movie Channel® $9.99/mo.

Optimum TV Sports Package

Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, and so much more! There is so much to enjoy! If you are a die-hard sports fan, you can keep up with your local favorites and international champions through Optimum’s Sports Package.

Except for Basic TV, all Optimum TV customers can add this Sports Package to their plan at varying prices. Core TV customers can subscribe to this package for a monthly fee of $15, while Select TV customers can enjoy it for $10 per month and Premier TV customers for $5 per month.

This package provides an unmatched action-packed live experience by offering 24 sports networks.

Sports Add-On Monthly Price
Sports Package
$15.00/mo. for Core TV customers
$10.00/mo. for Select TV customers
$5.00/mo. for Premier TV customers

Optimum International TV Packages

Optimum also offers several international TV bundles so you can access global content. From the trending African music video programs and diverse Arabic content to Portuguese dramas and Chinese reality shows, Optimum’s International TV add-ons let you travel the world from the comfort of your home.

However, these international channels require a basic broadcast service and are not available in all locations. To receive these networks, your TV will need either Optimum's digital cable box or a CableCard-compatible device equipped with a Tuning Adapter. Here are all the international packages offered by Optimum.

International Add-Ons Monthly Price
Africa TV $4.95/mo.
Brazilian TV $19.95/mo.
Caribbean TV $6.95/mo.
Chinese TV $14.95/mo. ($24.95/mo. for Basic TV customers)
Español TV $15.00/mo. ($20.95/mo. for Basic TV customers)
Filipino TV $14.95/mo.
French TV $14.99/mo.
Greek TV $14.95/mo.
Italian TV $14.95/mo.
Korean TV $14.95/mo. ($24.95/mo. for Basic TV Customers)
Polish TV $14.99/mo.
Portuguese TV $10.95/mo.
Russian TV $19.95/mo.
South Asian TV $24.95/mo. ($34.95/mo. for Basic TV customers)

Pay Per View & On-Demand Options

Pay Per View & On Demand Monthly Price
here! On Demand $6.95/mo.
Anime Network On Demand* $6.95/mo.
Too Much for TV On Demand $12.95/mo.
Eros Now On Demand $9.95/mo.
Hustler SVOD* $29.99/mo.
Falcon SVOD* $29.99/mo.
Pay Per View Varies
On Demand (New Release, Adult Movies, Events) Varies
Stingray Karaoke* $7.00/mo.
*Requires Samsung Set Top Box, Optimum TV Box, Apple TV or Stream STB

DVR Charges

DVR Service Storage Monthly Price
Cloud DVR 25 hrs. $8.00/mo.
Cloud DVR Plus 75 hrs. $10.00/mo.
Cloud DVR Max 150 hrs. $20.00/mo.

Additional Equipment Fee

Additional Equipment Fee Monthly Price
Optimum TV Box / Stream (1st Device) Included
Additional Optimum TV Box / Stream  $12.00/mo. for each additional device
Apple TV 4K $10.00/mo. ($130 total price)

Benefits of Optimum Cable TV

Optimum Cable TV is a customer-favorite service, providing four incredible channel lineups at low introductory rates. Packed with incredible benefits and premium add-ons, this TV service is widely available in 21 states, making it the ultimate entertainment option for many. So, what are you waiting for? Pair one of the Optimum TV plans with its internet service to enjoy the following benefits.

Comprehensive Channel Lineup

Subscribe to Optimum TV to access more than 420 networks, including popular lifestyle, news, sports, family, and premium channels. All Optimum TV plans have a higher channel count than other major cable TV services, giving you diverse content. With these packages, you can surf freely and watch whatever you like.

Stay Ahead with Optimum’s Video On Demand

Optimum TV service also has the best collection of On-Demand titles. Subscribe to Optimum TV and get access to over 20,000 popular movies, shows, and events. Get your hands on the latest releases before others and enjoy thousands of free primetime shows when and how you like.

Voice-Activated Remote

Easily navigate through thousands of movies and shows with a voice-activated remote. Every Optimum TV plan includes a Bluetooth-enabled remote, allowing you to use your voice to search and select your favorite shows and movies, get recommendations, and initiate recordings. This voice-activated remote recognizes human speech, so you don’t have to speak like a robot.

4K Ultra HD Content

Enjoy unparalleled visuals with 4K resolution. Watch your favorite shows, movies, or sports events in ultra-high definition. Optimum TV offers multiple channels in 4K, providing a more immersive experience by allowing viewers to see more details in the brightest and darkest images. You will feel as if you are present at the scene.

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