Turbocharge your life with 8 Gig internet speeds. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stream movies in ultra-high definition if your download and upload speeds were pumped up to 8,000 Mbps? Well, now there is no need to dwell in a la-la land because 8 Gig internet speeds are sending shockwaves across the US. Purpose-built for high performance and going beyond the set limits, 8 Gig Internet is redefining our digital experiences with real-time cloud-based connectivity. 

Stick around as we unveil America’s best and ‘brightest’ (pun intended) 8 Gig internet providers, their corresponding plans, and accompanying perks in our 8 Gig face-off for 2023.  

So, let the battle begin!

8 Gig Internet Speed 

In the multigigabit internet speed tiers category, 8 Gbps broadband plans hold the title of “premium speeds for luxe internet shoppers”. 8 Gbps (8,000 Mbps) upload and download speeds are distributed over fiber-optic cable systems, which are known to be the fastest existing internet technology in the world to date. 

Inside a fiber-optic strand, internet data signals travel in a wave-like motion in the form of light photons. Therefore, only fiber internet can transmit data at the speed of light. And the law of the universe dictates that nothing can move faster than light. At the moment, the best fiber-optic strands engineered for commercial use offer a maximum bandwidth of 100 Gbps (100,000 Mbps). However, only a handful of internet service providers (e.g., Ziply Fiber, Xfinity, Utopia Fiber, and Sonic Fiber) are offering up to 10 Gbps of symmetrical internet speeds to residential customers, and speeds beyond that mark are reserved for high-tech industrial usage. 

So, while it is clear that in 2023, an 8 Gbps internet plan is the second-fastest available speed tier in the United States, let’s explore its price and purpose to understand who can benefit from these ultrafast upload and download speeds. 

An 8 Gig internet plan is 320 times faster than a basic broadband plan with download speeds of up to 25 Mbps. The upload speed of an 8 Gig internet plan is 220 times faster than the average upload speed of a coaxial cable internet connection. So, with 8 Gbps of upload and download speeds, home internet has entered a new age of digital revolution. 

Here is what the hyperfast 8 Gbps internet speeds can do:

Online Activity Maximum Time Taken 
Downloading a 2.5 hour-long movie in 1080p resolution (HD)6.8 seconds 
Downloading a 2.5 hour-long movie in 2160 resolution (4K)16.8 seconds 
Downloading 30 5-minute-long songs in 190 Kbps 0.3 seconds 
Downloading a 10 GB game 10 seconds 

Below, we have mentioned some personal and professional activities that can be best performed with an 8 Gig internet plan.

Best Suited For

  • Running cloud applications 
  • Managing remote servers 
  • Creating and analyzing large data sets 
  • Downloading large files within minutes. 

However, the one-of-its-kind 8 Gbps broadband plan can be an unnecessary expense for individuals and families with low-to-moderate internet usage. 

Unsuitable For

  • Small households with light internet usage. 
  • Casual gaming, surfing, and streaming. 
  • Budget-conscious internet users. 

Best 8 Gig Internet Plans

Treasures in life are hard to come by. There is no doubt that the 8 Gig internet service is like a hidden gem. It is so rare in the USA that only 6 internet carriers are known to offer it within the public domain. And even then, there is an air of mystery regarding their exact prices, service locations, and accompanying benefits. 

We went over and above to gather near-to-accurate information from primary and secondary sources about the top 5 8 Gig internet plans available to residential subscribers in 2023.  

Take a look. 

Best 8 Gbps Internet Plans in 2023 
Provider Download Speed Upload Speed Price
Windstream 8,000 Mbps 8,000 Mbps $299.99/mo. 
Optimum 8,000 Mbps  8,000 Mbps  $350.00/mo. 
GoogleFiber  8,000 Mbps  8,000 Mbps  $150.00/mo. 
Quantum Fiber  8,000 Mbps  8,000 Mbps  $300.00/mo.
TDS Fiber  8,000 Mbps 8,000 Mbps  $295.00/mo. 

*Please call the relevant internet providers to confirm the price of 8 Gig internet plans available in your area.

Windstream 8 Gig Internet Plan

Kinetic 8-Gig Internet Plan At A Glance 
Type of Internet  Fiber-optic
Promo Price  $299.99/mo. 
Regular Price  $299.99/mo. 
Download Speed 8 Gbps 
Upload Speed  8 Gbps 
Availability  18 states of the USA
Data Cap  Unlimited data 
Contract  Not required 
Installation Fee  $35.00 (one-time)
Equipment Fee  $10.00/mo. 
Perks  $100 Visa Prepaid Card. A 30-day money-back guarantee. 
Customer Rating  4.03 out of 5 stars 
Best For  Content creation and collaboration in real-time. 

Windstream is the nation’s largest seller of 8 Gig internet services. Operating as the brand Kinetic, Windstream Fiber offers 8 Gbps internet speeds to more than 400,000 households across 18 states, mainly in the southeast, south-central, mid-Atlantic, and midwest regions. Soon, its 8-gig deployment will increase to over a million customers as the company continues to expand its fiber-optic internet network around the country.  

The Kinetic Fiber 8 Gig Internet plan costs $299.99 per month. First-time customers must pay a professional installation fee of $35, and the line activation charges can be as high as $50. You can lease the latest tri-band WiFi 6e equipment from Kinetic for $10 per month, which will allow you to get strong wireless internet signals in every corner of your home. The Kinetic 8 Gig Internet plan includes unlimited data, a 30-day money-back guarantee, a $100 Visa Prepaid Card, and contract-free service. It is unclear if the $299.99 price tag on Kinetic’s 8 Gbps plan is the introductory price or the regular rate after 12 months of service. 

While the exact monthly fee of the Kinetic 8 Gig Internet plan is debatable, one thing is certain, the price is inclusive of a $10 discount on AutoPay and another $2 in savings for the paperless billing method. 

The Kinetic Fiber 8 Gig Internet plan has an overall customer rating of 4.03 stars and is best suited for cloud-based content creators and collaborators. 

Optimum 8 Gig Internet Plan   

Optimum 8 Gbps Internet Plan At A Glance 
Type of Internet  Fiber-optic 
Promo Price  Call for Promo Price
Regular Price  $350.00/mo. 
Download Speed 8 Gbps 
Upload Speed  8 Gbps
Availability  New York tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut)
Data Cap  Unlimited data
Contract  Not required 
Installation Fee  $100.00 (A one-time charge for professional installation)
Equipment Fee  Included 
Perks  A 30-day money-back guarantee. $100 for contract buyout.
Customer Rating  3.85 out of 5 stars 
Best For  8K streaming. VR & AR gaming. Cloud-based editing. 

On July 10 this year, Optimum by Altice USA made a huge announcement. It launched its 8 Gig fiber internet service in the greater New York (tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut). According to the official press release, Optimum Fiber’s 8,000 Mbps equal upload and download speeds are accessible by nearly 1.7 million residents for a regular price of $350 per month. 

Like all other Optimum Fiber plans, its premium 8 Gig internet package includes uncapped data, a free 30-day trial run, up to $500 in Visa Prepaid Card rewards, $100 coverage for early termination fees, and a no-contract service. 

Customers can enjoy free expert installation on online order placements ($100 in value), and get a compatible Smart WiFi 6 Gateway for full-home WiFi coverage. 

The Optimum Fiber 8-Gig Internet plan has a customer satisfaction rating of 3.85 stars and is ideal for streaming videos in 8K resolution. Cloud-based editors and fanatics of immersive games (virtual reality and augmented reality games) will love the ultrafast uploading and downloading capabilities of Optimum’s 8 Gpbs internet plan. 

Google Fiber 8 Gig Internet Plan

Google Fiber Gbps Internet Plan At A Glance 
Type of Internet  Fiber-optic 
Promo Price  $150.00/mo. 
Regular Price  $150.00/mo. 
Download Speed 8 Gbps 
Upload Speed  8 Gbps 
Availability  Mesa, Arizona, and Wes Des Moines, Iowa 
Data Cap  Unlimited data 
Contract  Not required 
Installation Fee  Free 
Equipment Fee  Included 
Perks  1 TB of free cloud storage 
Customer Rating  4.28 out of 5 stars 
Best For  Cloud computing. Downloading movies in 4K resolution. 

Google Fiber was named the fastest internet provider in the country in 2022 by Highspeedinternet.com. And imagine, that was before Google Fiber rolled out its 5-Gig and 8-Gig fiber speed tiers. In April this year, Google Fiber made its 8 Gbps symmetrical internet speeds available in some parts of Wes Des Moines (in Iowa) and Mesa (in Arizona). The superfast multigigabit internet service costs $150 per month (excluding taxes and surcharges). 

Google Fiber’s 8 Gig internet plan comes with a cutting-edge WiFi 6 router and 2 mesh WiFi extenders for enhanced wireless coverage around the house. Customers also get free 1 terabyte (TB) of cloud storage, unlimited monthly data, and freedom from annual contracts. 

Previously, Google Fiber subscribers were charged a one-time $300 construction fee for connecting their homes to the provider’s fiber-optic network in the city, but as the 8 Gig Internet plan is reserved for fiber-ready homes within Mesa and Wes Des Moines, that fee is no longer applicable. 

Google Fiber’s reasonably priced 8,000 Mbps internet package has a high approval rating of 4.28 stars. Designed for power streamers and pro gamers, Google Fiber 8 Gig is actively aiding professionals in backing up data on the cloud and downloading large volumes of ultra-high definition videos. 

Quantum Fiber 8 Gig Internet Plan 

Quantum Fiber Gbps Internet Plan At A Glance 
Type of Internet  Fiber-optic 
Promo Price  $300.00/mo.
Regular Price  $300.00/mo. 
Download Speed 8 Gbps 
Upload Speed  8 Gbps 
Availability  Denver, Minneapolis, & Seattle
Data Cap  Unlimited data 
Contract  Not required 
Installation Fee  Free 
Equipment Fee  $15.00/mo. 
Perks  Fully online 24/7 customer service 
Customer Rating  3.60 out of 5 stars 
Best For  Data-intensive remote work & learning. 

Quantum Fiber, previously known as CenturyLink, and owned by Lumen Technologies is a new, bold, and transformative fiber-optic internet provider in the country’s west, south, and midwest. In August 2022, Quantum Fiber became the first big telecom company to introduce an 8 Gig internet plan in the country. The plan was offered in three cities, Denver, Minneapolis, and Seattle to residential and small business customers for a fixed monthly fee of $300. 

Lumen announced that Quantum Fiber’s 8 Gig internet speeds will be delivered over the XGS-PON fiber network. The XGS-PON network is specially constructed to withstand 10 Gbps of symmetrical internet speeds. Moreover, it was announced that the 8 Gig fiber internet service will require on-site installation by Quantum Fiber-certified technicians and a separate router for “easy WiFi activations”. As a result, Quantum Fiber 8 Gig internet customers enjoy free expert installation and have to pay a nominal $15 monthly charge for leasing the 8 Gig-compatible WiFi6 gateway.  

Quantum Fiber 8 Gbps internet plan offers limitless data throughout the month. Subscribers can also benefit from the no-contract policy and round-the-clock online customer service for effective account management. 

Currently, Quantum Fiber enjoys an average customer satisfaction rating of 3.6 stars and is gaining traction with digital nomads for data-intensive online tasks. 

TDS Fiber 8 Gig Internet Plan 

TDS Fiber Gbps Internet Plan At A Glance 
Type of Internet  Fiber-optic 
Promo Price  $295.00/mo. 
Regular Price  $295.00/mo. 
Download Speed 8 Gbps 
Upload Speed  8 Gbps 
Availability  75 markets across 16 states in the USA
Data Cap  Unlimited data 
Contract  Required 
Installation Fee  $49.95 (one-time)
Equipment Fee  $12.00/mo. 
Perks  Amazon eGift card. 3-year price lock. $100 gift card on referrals. 
Customer Rating  3.45 out of 5 stars 
Best For  Competitive multiplayer gaming. Audio-video file sharing. 

TDS joined the 8 Gig fiber tribe in December 2022. At the time, it was the biggest 8 Gig internet provider in America and was offering extraordinarily fast internet speeds in 75 markets within its 16-state fiber footprint. The plan was priced at $295 per month and promised seamless connectivity during peak hours and inclement weather conditions. 

Unfortunately, the TDS Fiber 8 Gig internet service requires a 2-year agreement. In exchange for their long-term commitment, subscribers are promised a 3-year price lock guarantee.  

The long list of TDS Fiber perks includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, an Amazon eGift Card, and a $100 gift card if you refer the plan to a friend.

The TDS Fiber 8 Gig Internet plan has additional expenses like a $49.95 installation fee and a month-to-month equipment rental of $12. 

Due to its biennial contracts and add-on costs, TDS Fiber’s 8 Gig internet plan ranks the lowest in customer satisfaction with a rating of 3.45 stars. But as intended, it has become a magical utility for real-time content creators, gamers, and streamers. 

Which is the Best 8 Gig Internet Plan?

All the 8 Gig internet plans we have listed above promise equal 8 Gbps download and upload speeds, unlimited data, and cloud-based connectivity. However, our focus is on their countrywide availability and special features because what good is an 8 Gig internet connection if you cannot access it or can access it but not get the best value for your money? 

After thoroughly evaluating the 5 aforementioned plans, we have concluded that Kinetic Fiber 8 Gig Internet by Windstream is the best that American telecommunications has to offer. Firstly, it is the most widely available 8 Gig internet service in the US. Second, its $300 quoted price comes with a 30-day free trial and a $100 Visa reward card. Lastly, it has an above-average customer rating, backed by vetted testimonials. 

So, if you are one of the lucky 400,000 households where Kinetic 8 Gig Internet is available, then brace yourself for a next-level digital experience. 

To wrap up, we will give C-Spire a nod of recognition. Its 8 Gig internet plan is pushing the boundaries of online connectivity in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee for a starting price of $350 per month.