For years, people have debated whether the American Dream is a reality or an illusion. Standing on the pillars of democracy, opportunity, liberty, equality, and rights, the idea suggests that anyone in the USA can achieve success as long as they utilize the resources available to them. AT&T, the nation’s No.1 internet service provider, is propagating the ‘no-one-gets-left-behind’ approach to life, as taught by the founding father of the American Dream. Through its diversified internet services, AT&T is ensuring that no one within its coverage area lives without connectivity. 

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Continue reading to learn about the AT&T Internet 50 plan and discover how millions of Americans are getting high-speed broadband in the absence of AT&T Fiber.  

What is AT&T Internet 50?

  • Download Speed: 50 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: 10 Mbps

AT&T is the pioneer of fiber-optic internet. AT&T has around 1.1 million route miles of fiber-optic cables spread throughout the world. In the USA, AT&T Fiber is lighting up 18.5 million customer locations within its 21-state footprint. But even after all this effort, the fiber-optic internet coverage in the country stands at 43 percent, and AT&T Fiber makes just one-third of the total coverage area. That leaves nearly 88 percent of the country without easy access to AT&T Fiber internet service

To ensure high-speed broadband access to fiber-deprived neighborhoods that fall under its coverage area, AT&T has introduced its Internet Protocol Broadband (IPBB). The IPBB is a combination of fiber-optic and copper cables. It delivers asymmetrical internet speeds faster and more reliable than DSL internet. 

AT&T Internet 50 plan offers a download speed of up to 50 Mbps and an upload speed of up to 10 Mbps at a starting price of $55 per month. The dual-cable transmission system of IPBB guarantees that subscribers of the AT&T 50 plan get consistently fast internet at affordable rates, regardless of their location. 

The no-contract service on AT&T 50 plan comes with a 1 TB data cap, and you can connect up to 10 devices on its IPBB network. All the households with modest internet usage will find the AT&T Internet 50 plan to be suitable for their needs. 


  • Faster & more reliable than DSL internet 
  • Widely available throughout AT&T’s 21-state footprint 
  • Affordable Internet for rural areas 
  • No-contract service 
  • Award-winning customer service 
  • A free self-installation kit is provided 
  • Free access to McAfee Security Suite 
  • A compatible/ advanced Wi-Fi router is included in the price 


  • Price hikes after 12 months 
  • Data cap of 1 TB 
  • Upload speed tops out at 10 Mbps 
  • The price is $5.00 higher without AutoPay and paperless billing 

AT&T Internet 50 Plan at a Glance

AT&T Internet 50 
Type of Internet  Internet Protocol Broadband (IPBB)
Availability 21 states of the USA
Promo Price  $55.00 per month**
Regular Price  $65.00 per month** 
Download Speed  Up to 50 Mbps 
Upload Speed  Up to 10 Mbps 
Data Cap 1 terabyte (TB)
Contract  Not required 
Bundle Deals  Available 
Installation Professional and self-installation are available 
Equipment  Modem + Wi-Fi router gateway
Perks  Includes McAfee Security Suite 
No. of Connected Devices  Up to 10 devices 
Customer Service Rating  4.5 out of 5 stars 
Best For  Households with a modest internet usage 
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** Prices with AutoPay and paperless billing

Data Caps

Internet service providers impose hard data caps to ensure that bandwidths are distributed evenly among all subscribers. It reduces the chances of speed throttling because a few customers can no longer hog the bandwidth through the excessive flow of data on the upstream and downstream channels. Since AT&T Internet 50 plan is available to more than 120 million non-fiber broadband subscribers, AT&T needs to include a 1 terabyte (TB) data cap in the service. It leads to the smooth flow of data from the consumers to the servers and back, throughout the month. 

1 terabyte of data allowance within a month is more than enough for an average-sized household with multiple devices connected to the network. With 1 TB of data on the AT&T Internet 50 plan, you can:

  • You can play online games for 115 hours per month 
  • Stream shows and movies in HD quality for 310 hours per month 
  • Browse social media platforms for 115 hours per month 
  • Stream songs on Spotify/ Youtube for 115 hours per month 
  • Send and receive up to 6,200 emails in a month 

It is unlikely that you will use up all of the 1 TB data in the same billing cycle, but in case you do hit the data cap, AT&T will automatically add more data to your plan. At the end of the month, you will be asked to pay data overage charges at the rate of $10 for every 50 GB of excess data. It is to be noted that in a single month, you can only get up to 500 GB of additional data so it is important that you do not misuse this leverage. 


Many internet service providers that offer promo pricing for the first 6, 12, or 24 months bind their customers to the service through annual or biennial contracts. It is just a clever marketing gimmick where the customers are told that to get price locks for the following months, they must sign an agreement for the said duration. Thankfully AT&T is not an overbearing internet service provider. Its customers can enjoy the discounted service throughout the promotional period of 12 months, regardless of whether or not they sign the annual contract.  

All AT&T Internet 50 subscribers get a free trial for 14 days. If you are dissatisfied with the service and wish to cancel your plan within those 14 days, AT&T will give you a full refund. You will be asked to ship the equipment back to AT&T because if you forget to do so, you will be charged an equipment non-return fee of up to $150.  

In some areas, new customers of AT&T Internet 50 get a $150 Visa Reward Card if they agree to sign an annual contract. But in such a case canceling the service before the expiration date results in an early termination fee of up to $180. 

Additional Costs Associated with AT&T Internet 50 Plan

Additional ServicesExtra Charges 
Installation Fee $99 for expert installation 
Paper Billing Charges$5.00 per month
Equipment Fee$10/mo. for Wi-Fi extenders 
Early Termination Fee Up to $180.00 
Late Payment Fee Up to $9.99 per month 
Equipment Non-Return FeeUp to $150.00
Data Overage Charge $10.00 for every 50 GB of excess data 
Taxes and Surcharges Up to $6.00 per month 

How to Reduce the Cost of AT&T Internet 50 Plan?

Opt for Self-installation Instead of Professional Installation

All first-time customers of AT&T Internet 50 get a free self-installation kit upon enrollment. To reduce the additional cost you can opt for self-installation instead of professional installation.

Buy an AT&T Internet 50-compatible Wi-Fi Extender

The cost of your advanced modem-router Wi-Fi gateway is included in the monthly internet fee. But if you want full-house Wi-Fi coverage, it is best to purchase your Wi-Fi extenders instead of leasing them from AT&T for $10 per month. 

Monitor Monthly Data Usage Using the myAT&T App

You can track your data usage and will know exactly how much data is left for the remaining month. It will allow you to lower your data usage and avoid paying data overage charges. 

Don’t Sign the Annual Contract

If you sign an annual contract, you will have to pay an early termination fee of up to $180 if you don’t like the plan and want to cancel the service. In the case of contracts, it also gets difficult to upgrade to faster-speed tiers. Therefore it is not recommended to sign annual contracts even if you are offered perks like a Visa Reward Card with $150 worth of credit. 

Always Pay Before the Due Date

You will be charged an additional $10 for failing to pay your bill on time. In some cases, customers get another 10 days grace period before the late payment fee is imposed on them. 

Return Equipment on Time in Case of Cancellation

Make sure to ship the equipment back to AT&T within 30 days of service cancellation. Or purchase your AT&T-approved gateway if you intend on keeping it. If the leased equipment is not returned to AT&T within 30 days of service cancellation, you will have to pay a penalty of up to $150 for non-compliance.

Opt for AutoPay & Electronic/ Paperless Billing 

You will get a discount of $5.00 per month on your AT&T Internet 50 plan if you subscribe to AutoPay and agree to paperless billing. AT&T will send you a digital receipt confirming your bill payment on your myAT&T phone application. You can save the receipt as a PDF or access all your bill statements at a later date under the ‘Bill History’ tab on your AT&T online account. 

Perks or Special Features of AT&T 50 Plan

Your AT&T Internet 50 plan comes with free access to the entire MacAfee Security Suite. You get full protection against cyberattacks like malware, data breaches, phishing, and identity theft on three devices of your choice. That is around $300 worth of cybersecurity on the house.

All the first-time customers of AT&T Internet 50 get to enjoy HBO Max, absolutely free, for the first 30 days of subscription. HBO Max is an on-demand streaming platform that features all the top-rated movies and shows aired on HBO channels. You can continue your subscription to HBO Max after 30 days of free service at a charge of $9.99 per month. 

AT&T has installed over 30,000 Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country. All the customers of AT&T Internet 50 get free access to these out-of-home Wi-Fi hotspots. They can use their AT&T credentials to connect to the network and get free internet on the road. 

AT&T Internet 50 Availability Review

AT&T’s IPBB network is three times larger than its fiber-optic network. More than 120 million Americans have access to AT&T Internet 50 plan, mainly because the telephone cable network (copper wires) stretches far and wide within its 21-state coverage area. In contrast, only 39 million people have access to AT&T’s fully fiber-optic plans, and the coverage is limited to populous urban areas. 

These are the following 21 states where AT&T Internet 50 is widely available. 

States with AT&T 50 Plan Coverage
Alabama Illinois  Michigan  Ohio 
Arkansas  Indiana Mississippi  Oklahoma 
California  Kansas  Missouri  South Carolina 
Florida  Kentucky  Nevada  Tennessee 
Georgia  Louisiana  North Carolina  Texas 

Is AT&T Internet 50 Worth it?

AT&T Internet 50 is the best option for those who are looking for a moderately fast broadband service in fiber-deprived areas. For a starting price of $55 per month, you get up to 50 Mbps of download speed and 10 Mbps of upload speed. AT&T’s IPBB network is three times larger than its fiber-optic network and its uptime is 99.9 percent. It means that, unlike the AT&T DSL internet service, you are less likely to experience internet outages and speed throttling on the AT&T 50 plan. 

With perks like no-contract service, a 1 TB data cap, free access to McAfee Security Suite, HBO Max, and over 30,000 out-of-home Wi-Fi hotspots, AT&T 50 plan is perfect for homes with moderate internet usage.