The phenomenal growth of technology has made it easier to access and absorb information. The Internet, in particular, has become a catalyst for driving many changes and has transformed our interactions and behaviours. It also plays a crucial role in offering ways to address many development changes. One such change is the culture of learning. It would not be incorrect to state that the internet has played a pivotal role in bringing forth a transformation in our existing education culture.

A stable internet connection is a basic requirement for every student these days. Between managing your financials and concentrating on your studies, student life is not easy. With the already expensive student life, students require a connection that not only fits their budget but is fast enough to handle their assignments and applications.

Many internet providers have introduced pocket-friendly internet deals for students. So even though your student life can be tough in terms of juggling your expenses, your internet plans don’t have to be. We are here to help you track down the best plans and bundles offered to students by various internet providers and let you decide which one will suit you the best.

But first, let’s discuss what are your available internet options.

Internet Options

There are various types of internet connections that are available all across the U.S, and depending on your locality and budget, you can choose between:


This internet connection is ideal if you live in an apartment or a hostel having wiring for a landline. If your living station is near your provider’s hub, you will get a more reliable and stable connection.


If you live in rural areas, satellite internet is your only option. It is wireless and has extensive coverage making it an ideal choice. However, it gets easily affected by adverse weather conditions and requires periodic maintenance.


If your area has cable TV, this internet connection can be a common sight in every household. It is faster than DSL and satellite connections, and if your university has a deal with an internet provider, you can avail of this connection at an economical cost. The catch to this type of connection is that it gets slow during peak hours.


It is the fastest internet connection among all the others, yet it is not widely available. Metro areas have more access to it as compared to rural areas. Its availability depends on your location.

Considerable Factors

People tend to choose an internet plan with the highest speed, but it is not always the best option. Students should consider a few things before making their decision:

Data Plan

If your class load is heavy and requires you to transfer documents with large amounts of data and regular video streaming, you should opt for an unlimited data plan. A plan with data caps will only frustrate you.

Number of Users

As the number of users increases on a network, bandwidth requirement also increases. So, if you plan to share your connection with your housemates, consider the total usage before subscribing to a plan.

Internet Speed

A high-speed internet plan is not always necessary for your needs. This doesn’t mean that you have to choose a package with a lower speed. The trick to internet speed is to find a middle ground between a reliable connection and an affordable price.

Consider the above-mentioned factors before choosing a plan. If you are going to be the sole user of your internet plan, then 6 Mbps should be sufficient for your daily use. However, if you plan to share, opt for a 10-25 Mbps plan and if your housemates also have heavy data requirements, opt for a 50 Mbps plan.

Internet Deals For Students

Several ISPs offer internet deals for students at affordable prices:

Spectrum Internet For Students

Spectrum is known for its extensive coverage across the United States. Besides fulfilling the internet requirements of residential areas, Spectrum Internet is also an ideal on-campus option. It offers a remarkable combination of high-speed internet with no data caps. You can stream unlimited lectures or transfer large amounts of data with Spectrum.

Its nationwide hotspot access lets you work anywhere you want without binding you in space and time constraints. If your family is part of the government assistance programs, then you can avail of the “Spectrum Internet Assist” plan. It is an excellent discounted option for students, offering high-speed internet at a fixed price of $14.99/month.

Frontier Internet Deals For Students

Frontier offers a wide variety of plans for every type of student. Whether you are a grad student or a parent of the k-12 kids, Frontier has got you covered.

Frontier offers affordable plans with no data caps and provides a variety of options including, internet access on the go, high bandwidth if you are sharing your internet plans, or high upload speeds. Its pricing varies depending on the locality, but you can get a basic 6 Mbps speed at less than $30. Its Vantage internet plan is more expensive but offers 115 Mbps speed.

However, a notable thing about Frontier internet plans is that its discounts only apply for the first 12 months, which can be a problem for the students later. It’s also not as widely available as some of the other ISPs, so always make sure to check the availability in your area.

Xfinity Internet Deals For Students

Xfinity offers exclusive discounts to students enrolled in certain eligible universities. Although their rates aren’t the cheapest, they offer various plans with speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps, and their additional perks further sweeten the deal. Their extra perks include a prepaid Visa card, Amazon Music Unlimited for six months, and even discounts on TV plans. You can check your eligibility for an internet discount through your school’s Xfinity online search tool.

You can avail of Xfinity’s basic student deals at $55/month. However, the price is only applicable till the promotional period, regular rates apply thereafter. Xfinity also binds you to a one-year contract. Xfinity also offers an Internet Essentials program for students, providing 50 Mbps speed, free wireless access, and cable internet for $9.95/month. Only those students enrolled in NSLP, SNAP, Medicaid, or other public assistance programs are eligible for Xfinity Internet Essentials program.

AT&T Internet Deals For Students

AT&T has recently partnered with the nonprofit Connected Nation to provide WiFi hotspots and free internet service to support underserved students. According to Connected Nation reports, by July 2021, there are now 35,000 hotspots providing access to 81 schools. Based on the number of participating students, AT&T offered discounted connections to them.

AT&T also offers the Access program, which provides a wireless 25 Mbps speed internet connection for $10/month. The plan doesn’t bind you in any contract. However, only students enrolled in SNAP or SSI qualify for this program. Students enrolled in NSLP were also made eligible after the COVID-19 situation.


While cost can be a major factor in selecting the right internet plan, a reliable internet plan is always more important than a fast internet connection. Don’t rush into things when you see an affordable plan, check every other plan offered by different ISPs and read up on the available customer reviews. You can use BestCableTV Comparison Tool to find and compare internet plans offered by the leading internet service providers in your area. You can also contact other ISPs to inquire about their internet plans for students as every ISP doesn’t advertise its discounts.