We all value our smartphone’s safety and security. Whether snapping photos or keeping in touch with family and friends, our lives are encapsulated in these devices.

Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with the problems posed by spammers, hackers, and other bad actors with bad intentions. It goes beyond mere irritation; it can sometimes be scary to consider who might be attempting to access our personal information.

This is where AT&T ActiveArmor comes to the rescue, always going the extra mile to stay one step ahead in keeping spam and scams at bay. In this discussion, we will delve deeply into the comprehensive protection that AT&T Active Armor offers.

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What is AT&T Active Armor?

In 2022, AT&T combined two of its security services, AT&T Call Protect and AT&T Mobile Security, to create a new and improved free mobile app called AT&T Active Armor. This app is here to help AT&T customers keep their mobile data and privacy safe from various online threats. It operates in the background as a vigilant guardian of your digital well-being.

AT&T Active Armor mobile security app is compatible with many devices, functioning on iOS and Android platforms. This app runs only on Android v11 or higher and iOS 13 or higher.

The AT&T Active Armor service comes in two tiers: the free version and the Advanced version which costs $3.99 per month per line.

Free Version: The free version, open to all AT&T customers, offers a good level of security to help protect your mobile device without any added cost. Its features include automatic fraud call blocking, spam risk labeling, and even alerts about company data breaches, providing a foundational level of security.

Advanced Version: Building on the features of the free version, the advanced version takes security up a notch, costing $3.99/mo. per line. It offers public Wi-Fi protection through a private connection (VPN), monitors the dark web for any leaks of your personal information, and even provides a safe browsing feature to protect you from suspicious websites.


  • Comprehensive protection
  • User-friendly interface
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Safe browsing feature
  • Automatic fraud call blocking


  • Monthly fee for advanced features
  • Limited exclusive features for non-AT&T customers

Advanced Features of AT&T Active Armor

The advanced tier of AT&T Active Armor brings to the table a set of features that are crafted to provide a heightened level of security for users. Let’s take a closer look at these features:

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Public Wi-Fi networks are often breeding grounds for cyber threats. The VPN feature of AT&T Active Armor mobile security app creates a private tunnel for your data, protecting it from potential threats and unauthorized access. This means you can carry out sensitive transactions or access private information without the fear of prying eyes intercepting your data.

Threat Activity Dashboard

Knowledge is power, and knowing the threats you are shielded from can offer a great sense of security. The Threat Activity Dashboard provides a detailed view of all the potential threats identified and blocked, giving you a comprehensive overview of your safety status. By being informed of the threats you’ve avoided, you gain a tangible sense of the app’s efficacy in protecting your digital space.

ID Monitoring

The ID monitoring feature is your watchdog for sensitive personal information. It continuously scans the internet’s dark corners to ensure your details are not misused or circulated in unauthorized spaces. If it detects any compromise, it alerts you promptly, allowing quick action to prevent potential identity theft.

Advanced Content Controls

This feature benefits families, enabling a safe digital environment for young users. It allows you to filter and control the content that can be accessed, preventing exposure to inappropriate or harmful content. It’s a proactive tool for maintaining a healthy digital space for all users, offering peace of mind regarding the safety of young family members.

How To Activate AT&T Active Armor?

To activate AT&T Active Armor, you must be an AT&T customer and have a compatible smartphone. The smartphone can either be purchased through AT&T or any device you bought yourself and activated through AT&T. Here is how you can activate AT&T Active Armor mobile security app:

  1. Download the AT&T Active Armor mobile security app from your phone’s app store.
  2. Once the app is installed, open it to access the main dashboard, which presents four categories of mobile security: My Identity, My Device, Calls, and Network.
  3. Work through each category to customize your security preferences according to your needs. This includes setting up breach report alerts, enabling device security to protect your data, and managing spam calls, among other features.

How To Use AT&T Active Armor Mobile Security App?

Many new AT&T customers are unfamiliar with how to use the Active Armor app, even though its usage is very easy. But there’s no need to worry, as I will walk you through the simple steps to get started with the app.

Step 1: Download and Install

Begin by downloading the AT&T Active Armor security app from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Install it by following the instructions displayed on your screen.

Step 2: Setup and Customization

Open the app to access the main dashboard. Here, explore categories like “My Identity,” “My Device,” “Calls,” and “Network” to understand the protection each offers. Customize the settings to suit your needs, including setting up breach report alerts and managing calls to avoid spam and fraud.

  • Call Management: In the “Calls” section, enable features to block spam and fraud calls automatically.
  • Device Security: Visit “My Device” to activate safeguards for your personal data and conduct system checks.
  • Network Security: In the “Network” area, ensure secure connections with public Wi-Fi protection and receive VPN and Wi-Fi alerts.
  • Identity Protection: Set up identity monitoring in the “My Identity” section for online safety and secure browsing options.

Step 3: Setting Up Advanced Content Controls

If you opt for the advanced version, you can access extra features such as Advanced Content Controls and more. Adjust these in the settings to match your preferences.

If at any point you encounter issues or have queries, the AT&T Active Armor app offers customer support through various channels. The app houses a detailed FAQ section to assist you with common concerns.

AT&T Active Armor vs Other Mobile Security Apps

In the mobile security room, AT&T ActiveArmor is not alone; it stands alongside other notable services. Comparing it with other mobile security apps, while some offer similar features, they might differ in effectiveness, user-friendliness, and additional functionalities. Some apps offer enhanced features such as VPN for secure browsing, while others focus solely on blocking spam calls. 

For a detailed comparison, let’s look at the features of T-Mobile Scam Shield and Verizon Call Filter.

Feature/AspectT-Mobile Scam ShieldVerizon Call Filter
Spam Call BlockingYesYes
Caller IDYesYes
Personal Number BlockingYes (Premium feature)Yes (Plus feature)
Reverse Number LookupYes (Premium feature)Yes (Plus feature)
Allow ListYesYes
Spam Risk MeterNoYes (Plus feature)
PriceFree ($4/month)Free (Plus for $3.99/mo for one line or $10.99/mo for 3+ lines)

AT&T Active Armor vs. Verizon Call Filter

The Verizon Call Filter service offers a range of features to help users identify and block spam calls. Here are some features it offers:

  • Spam filter: Block high-risk calls automatically and set filters to block spammers by risk level.
  • Spam and blocked call log: Keep track of identified and blocked calls.
  • Allow numbers: Add numbers to your allowed list to prevent them from being blocked.
  • Report spam: Report numbers as spam to improve blocking.
  • Neighborhood spoofing filter: Block calls from phone numbers similar to yours or from a specific area code and prefix.
  • Caller name ID: Identify unknown callers.
  • Cost: The service is free, but users can upgrade to Call Filter Plus for $3.99 per month for one line or $10.99 per month for three or more lines to access enhanced features.

AT&T Active Armor vs. T-Mobile Scam Shield

When we compare AT&T Active Armor App with other shield-type apps, T-Mobile Scam Shield is another big player in the mobile security space, standing toe-to-toe with AT&T ActiveArmor. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers:

  • Advanced Network Technology: The app uses AI and machine learning to analyze every call and update its defenses every six minutes, helping to keep you one step ahead of scammers.
  • Built-in Protection: Features like Scam ID, Scam Block, and Caller ID work together to identify and block scam calls before they reach your phone.
  • Caller ID: Even if a caller is not in your contact list, you can see their information, helping you decide whether to take the call.
  • Scam Reporting: If you encounter a suspicious number, you can report it to help improve the app’s protection for everyone.
  • Premium Features: The app offers premium features for those looking for extra security, including personal number blocking and reverse number lookup.
  • Cost: The app is free, but you can access more features with the premium version at $4/month additional cost.

AT&T Active Armor Application Performance Review

Of course, no app is perfect, right? While the feedback loop is filled with satisfied users singing its praises, there have been a few murmurs about little glitches here and there. We’ve been exploring the performance ins and outs of the AT&T Active Armor application to see if it can be the knight in shining armor!

The AT&T Active Armor app is designed to be user-friendly. It presents a clean interface where features are easily accessible. Users can navigate different security categories effortlessly, easily setting up their preferences.

Spam call blocking is a highlight. It efficiently filters out unwanted calls, providing users a disturbance-free experience. The fraud alert system is vigilant, promptly notifying users of potential threats, thus adding a layer of security.

Safe browsing is another strong point. It ensures that users can surf the web without worries, keeping malicious sites at bay. The network security feature stands strong, safeguarding users while they are connected to various networks, be it public or private.

Identity monitoring is a thoughtful addition. It works diligently to protect users from identity theft, alerting them to potential risks and offering safe browsing options.

When it comes to pricing, AT&T ActiveArmor offers flexibility. Users can opt for the free version or upgrade to a subscription plan for enhanced features. The subscription plan is reasonably priced, providing value for money with its array of features.

Feedback from users indicates satisfaction with the app’s performance. It has been praised for its reliability and the peace of mind it offers. However, like any app, it is not without its glitches. Some users have pointed out areas where improvements can be made, and future updates are hoped to address these concerns.

Final Words – Is AT&T Active Armor Worth It?

We are finishing our look at the AT&T ActiveArmor review. Is it good?

It is mostly for people who just want their smartphone to work nicely. The app stops annoying spam calls and keeps browsing safe, which is very important today.

You won’t be disappointed if you love tech and want fancy features. One significant thing about AT&T Active Armor App is how it protects your info from being stolen.

Parents can feel good using this app to keep their kids safe on their phones, blocking bad stuff and strangers from contacting them.

People at work will also like it because it stops spam calls interrupting your day and keeps business info safe while using the internet.

Talking about cost, it’s a good deal. The free version has lots of good stuff, and paying a bit gets you even more safety features.

To sum up, AT&T ActiveArmor is a solid choice for keeping different types of smartphone users safe and happy. It’s easy to use and does its job well, making it a strong option for mobile safety.