Whether you run a mom-and-pop store or are the founder of a famous software company, you need the internet to expand and maintain your business. From online advertising to stockpiling, and financial transactions, you need a fast and reliable internet connection to perform all the commercial activities associated with your business. 

There are more than a thousand business internet providers in the USA, each promising higher bandwidths, faster upload speeds, and reliable connectivity as compared to residential internet service providers. But only the best business internet providers can live up to their promises and deliver exceptional service. 

Top 10 Business Internet Providers 

We have done the hard work and are now proudly presenting our consolidated list of the top 10 business internet providers in the country. 

ProviderType of InternetStarting PriceMax. Speed Contact Provider
Spectrum BusinessFiber & coaxial cable $49.99/monthUp to 1 Gbps Call Now
Verizon Fios Fiber$69.99/month Up to 1 Gbps Call Now
AT&T BusinessFiber $50.00/month Up to 1 TbpsCall Now
Frontier Fiber & DSL$49.99/monthUp to 2 Gbps Call Now
Comcast BusinessFiber $69.95/month Up to 1.25 GbpsCall Now
Viasat Business Satellite$80.00/month Up to 100 MbpsCall Now
EarthLink Fiber & DSL $54.95/month Up to 5 Gbps Call Now
Windstream Business Fiber & DSL$64.99/monthUp to 1 GbpsCall Now
Cox BusinessCable$49.00/monthUp to 1 GbpsCall Now
CenturyLink Fiber & DSL $30.00/month Up to 1 GbpsCall Now

Pros and Cons 

The hallmark of a true entrepreneur is his or her ability to take risks, seize opportunities, and innovate. Living in the land of opportunities and a capitalist society must have presented you with several openings to start a flourishing business. But for you to be a successful tradesperson, you must have the potential to take calculated risks and adapt to the changing world around you. Calculated risks cannot be taken without a 360-degree perspective. While your favored business internet provider may seemingly be the best choice, the service is not flawless. 

You must know the pros and cons of all the business internet providers available in your area to make an informed decision. 

Providers Pros Cons
Spectrum Business
  • Wide availability
  • Affordable rates
  • Superfast download speeds
  • Contract-free service
  • Poor customer reviews
  • Not available in 9 states
AT&T Business
  • Ultrafast internet
  • Affordable rates
  • Free cyber security
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Service is only available in 21 states
  • Fiber internet coverage is limited
Verizon Fios
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Reliable service
  • Good customer service
  • Fiber internet service is only available in 10 states
  • Expensive than other business internet providers
EarthLink Business
  • Countrywide availability
  • Download speeds up to 5 Gigs
  • Fiber, DSL, and fixed wireless connections
  • Unlimited data
  • Plans are slightly more expensive than other business internet providers
  • Gigabit speeds are limited to metro areas
  • High-speed internet
  • Cheaper than most business internet providers
  • Covers the remaining states via Brightspeed internet
  • Service is available in 17 states
  • Speed throttling during peak hours
  • Poor ratings for customer service
Comcast Business
  • Wide availability
  • Ultrafast fiber internet
  • DSL plans are also available
  • Hefty early termination fee
  • Internet plans are slightly pricier
  • Fiber internet is limited to metro areas
  • Gigabit download speeds
  • Cyber security is included
  • Contract-free service
  • Price lock for 2 years
  • Slightly more expensive than other business internet providers
  • Service is limited to 18 states
Cox Business
  • Affordable rates
  • Fast download speeds
  • Cyber security is included
  • Internet speeds are unreliable
  • Availability is limited to 19 states
  • Is mainly a cable internet service
Viasat Business
  • Countrywide availability
  • Satellite internet
  • Perfect for rural/ remote areas
  • Professional installation within 3-5 business days
  • Slow download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • 200 GB data cap
  • Expensive choice for business internet
  • Requires 2-year contract
  • High-speed fiber internet
  • Affordable rates
  • DSL internet is also available
  • Good coverage in rural areas
  • Bundle deals are available
  • Coverage in 25 states
  • Fiber internet coverage is limited
  • Low ratings for customer service

Overview of Business Internet Providers

Take your business to new heights by opting for the best business internet provider in your area.  

Average Speed for Business Internet 250 Mbps 
Best Business Internet Provider Spectrum Business 
Fastest Business Internet ProviderAT&T Business 
Cheapest Business Internet Provider Frontier Business 
Most Widely Available Business Internet Provider Viasat Business 
Business Internet Providers Offering Bundle Deals Spectrum, Frontier, AT&T 

Best Business Internet Provider in 2022

Spectrum Business Internet checks all the boxes on our list of ‘What it Takes to Be the Best Business Internet Provider’. Its wide coverage area, low-cost monthly plans, gigabit speed, and network reliability make it the best business internet provider in 2022. 

41-State Footprint

Spectrum’s 41-state footprint extends from the east to the west coast. It has beaten the largest business internet providers at the game by offering its broadband service in almost 80 percent of the country. Compared to that, AT&T Business is available in 21 states, and Verizon Business internet is limited to 10 states of the USA. Spectrum’s wide coverage area makes it a household name in most cities and towns across the country.

Moreover, Spectrum’s 530,000 out-of-home Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country allow you to manage your business on the go. 

Low-Cost Business Internet Plans

Spectrum Business internet plans are one of the most affordable in the country. The no-contract business internet service includes 99.9 percent network reliability at the lowest starting price of $49.99 per month. All Spectrum business plans include a free internet modem, Wi-Fi router, and device security. 

Spectrum Business Internet Plans
Plans Price  Speed Employees  Best For 
Internet  $49.99/mo 300 Mbps 
  • Video conferencing
  • StreamingFile transfers
Internet Ultra  $99.99/mo 600 Mbps  20
  • E-commerce Cloud backups
  • Downloads
Internet Gig  $164.99/mo 1000 Mbps  20+
  • Multiple users & devices
  • Large file transfers

Get Spectrum Business Internet Plans at the Lowest Rates

Call 1-877-410-3834 Now!

Business-Centric Bundle Deals 

Spectrum Business ensures that you have all the right tools for selling your craft. The Spectrum Business Internet Packages are tailored to include phone lines, email IDs, domain names, and cyber security. 

Bundle Price  Speed Extra Services 
1 $64.99/mo 300 Mbps
2 $69.98/mo 300 Mbps 
  • FREE email addresses, domain name, Security Suite & modem
  • FREE local and long-distance calling with 35+ advanced features
3 $119.98/mo 600 Mbps 
  • FREE email addresses, domain name, Security Suite & modem
  • FREE local and long-distance calling with 35+ advanced features

Spectrum’s business-centric bundle packs make it the best business internet provider in America. 

Additional Services

Spectrum provides a myriad of additional services that are specially catered to its business customers. When you purchase any of the Spectrum Business plans, you get instant access to a dedicated business line. Apart from a red carpet protocol, you receive automatic internet backup to salvage your business during internet and power outages. You can enable automatic backup on four devices that handle most of the load of your online commercial activities. 

Spectrum Business gives you a static IP address for business enhancement and switching to a hybrid work model. You will not be barred from accessing websites that are specific to a particular region when you work from remote locations or overseas. 

In addition to that, Spectrum Business offers business Wi-Fi which works as the company’s internal network, dedicated to employees. The password-protected network will ensure that all internal communication is kept private and separate from clients and customers. 

Fastest Business Internet Provider 

AT&T is the only business internet provider that can offer ultrafast 1 Tbps fiber internet speeds in over 21 states. As it is there are only a handful of business internet providers that can guarantee multi-gigabit speeds (up to 5 Gigs) to their customers. But when it comes to AT&T Business internet, you can rest assured that now the impossible is possible. 

AT&T’s fast lane, dedicated internet access starts with 10 Mbps broadband speeds. The starter plan for AT&T Business Fiber costs $50 per month. 

AT&T Business Internet Plans
Plans  Price  Speed Best For 
Business Fiber 1  $50.00/mo 10 to 50 Mbps 
  • 10 employees
  • Basic online activities
Business Fiber 2  $65.00/mo 100 Mbps 
  • 20 employees
  • File transfers
  • Video streaming
  • Zoom calls
Business Fiber 3 $120.00/mo 1 Gbps 
  • 50 employees
  • E-commerce, cloud backups
  • Video streaming
Business Fiber 4 $225.00/mo 2 Gbps 
  • 100 employees
  • E-commerce
  • Heavy file transfers
  • HD streaming
  • Zoom calls
Business Fiber 5 $395.00/mo 5 Gbps 
  • 500 employees
  • Multi-device usage
  • UHD streaming
  • Audio/ video uploads
Business Fiber 6 $550.00/mo 1 Tbps 
  • 1000 employees
  • Multiple e-commerce platforms
  • Heavy file transfers
  • 500+ devices

AT&T Business is an award-winning service that has helped thousands of American entrepreneurs find their footing in the competitive world of commerce. It is the unmatched, fastest business internet provider in the country with plans starting as low as $50 per month. 

Looking for the Fastest Business Internet Plans?

AT&T Business Internet Plans Start at $50/mo.

Call 1-877-209-3574 Now!

Cheapest Business Internet Provider

Frontier Business is undoubtedly the cheapest and most reliable business internet provider for small businesses in the suburbs of America. Frontier’s unlimited DSL internet plans for businesses start at $34.99 per month. Its fiber internet plans for businesses offer faster download speeds at the lowest possible rates. At the moment, Frontier can deliver 2 gigs of download speeds on its fiber-optic networks. 

Frontier Business Internet Plans
Fiber Plans  Price  Speed  Perks  Contact Frontier
Internet 500  $49.99/mo 500 Mbps 
  • No-contract service
  • Same upload & download speed
  • FREE activation & installation
  • FREE 6E Wi-Fi router
Call Now
Internet Gig Service  $84.99/mo 1 Gbps 
  • No-contract service
  • Same upload & download speed
  • FREE activation & installation
  • FREE 6E Wi-Fi router
Call Now
Internet 2 Gig  $149.99/mo  2 Gbps 
  • No-contract service
  • Same upload & download speed
  • FREE activation & installation
  • FREE 6E Wi-Fi router
Call Now

Frontier Business internet is truly a cost-saving business internet provider. It’s not just its affordable business plans that make it the cheapest business internet provider. The carrier has eliminated all hidden fees associated with the service such as the $95 installation and activation charges. 

Types of Business Internet Providers

Over the years, internet technology has improved in leaps and bounds, adding more bandwidth, consistency, and wider coverage on the networks. From the initial dial-up connections to the ultrafast fiber internet services, we have seen broadband evolve. 

Today, dial-up connections might be obsolete, but there are several other wired and wireless business internet that deliver seamless connectivity across the country. 

Cable Internet 

Cable internet has the second-largest network in the country. Nearly 60 to 70 percent of the country is wired with coaxial cables that carry electrical signals at high-frequency for effective data transmission. Coaxial cables were first introduced to distribute multichannel TV programming over long distances. 

However, in recent times, coaxial cables are commonly used by business internet providers to deliver high-speed data with download speeds easily reaching 1 Gbps. Cable internet is cheaper than fiber internet and is ideal for business owners who are operating their businesses from the outskirts with minimum to no access to a fiber optic network. 

Business internet providers that offer cable internet connections include Spectrum and Cox Business. 

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

Digital Subscriber Lines were introduced as an upgraded version of dial-up connections in the 1990s and became a popular choice of the internet in the 2000s. Like its predecessor, DSL internet is delivered through copper telephone lines but the transmission channel was improvised to include three separate bands with varying frequencies. The telephone signals are carried over the lowest frequency band whereas the downstream internet data is transmitted via the highest-frequency band. The tweak ensures that the telephone lines are not blocked while the users are online because all three types of data signals (telephone, upstream, and downstream signals) have their designated pathways. 

Unfortunately, DSL internet speeds top out at 100 Mbps, and the farther away you are from the provider’s central office, the weaker the signals get. The penetration of DSL internet in the USA stands at around 84 percent. It is often considered the cheapest and fastest option for broadband connectivity in rural communities. 

DSL internet may work as the starter internet for your home-based business, but as your online footprint increases and you add more devices to the network, you are likely to experience frustration with slow upload and download speeds. 

The popular business internet providers that offer DSL internet include Frontier, EarthLink, CenturyLink, and Windstream Business Internet

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet may be the poorest choice of internet for a business with several employees. Firstly, it is costly and needs a clear view of the northern sky. So, if your area is notorious for heavy snow and rain, then be prepared for frequent internet disruptions. Secondly, satellite internet service comes with data caps and the download speeds max out at 100 Mbps. Starlink by SpaceX is currently the only satellite internet provider that guarantees speeds up to 200 Mbps. Sadly, the service is only available in 33 states and is still waiting for operating licenses in many areas.  

Having said that, satellite internet is perfect for digital nomads who work as freelancers from remote locations. You can establish and grow your business from your cabin in the woods by receiving internet signals directly to your rooftop. You only need a dish and a modem to get you online in no time. 

Viasat Business Internet is the best provider of satellite services. It is available nationwide and its business internet plans are $30 cheaper and 10 Mbps faster than HughesNet internet plans.

Fiber-Optic Internet

Fiber-optic internet has been around since 1996. However, its countrywide adoption is still a work in progress. Due to its high production, installation, and maintenance costs, more than half of the country is yet to be wired with fiber-optic cables. Inside a fiber optic cable, the data signals are carried in the form of light photons. The ping-pong motion of these photons inside a silica strand generates high-frequency electrical impulses that are delivered to the subscribers’ modems. The overall result is multi-gigabit internet speeds. 

A fiber optic cable can easily withstand 10 Gbps of downstream data and 1 Gbps of upload speeds. It is the ideal type of internet for medium to large-scale businesses with high volumes of daily file transfers.  

Many business internet providers offer fiber internet at market competitive rates. The best among them are AT&T, Verizon Fios, and Comcast Business internet

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is a private bandwidth that is exclusive to your business. The business internet provider will give you direct internet access via ethernet or private-line circuits to enable superfast uploads and download speeds. Other customers don’t share the network. Therefore,  you will not experience speed throttling during peak hours. The most important aspect of dedicated internet access is that your upload speeds will be as fast as your download speeds. 

Most business owners prefer to use DIA due to network reliability and security. The most prominent business internet providers offering Dedicated Internet Access are AT&T, Spectrum, Verizon, and Frontier. 

Must Haves for Business Internet Providers

You must consider some points when shopping for the best business internet service provider in town. 

Network Reliability

Unexpected internet outages, spotty coverage, and fluctuating internet speeds could bring your business operations to a standstill. Lucrative businesses, especially those classified under the technology and finance sector, understand that five minutes of data connectivity failure can result in a loss of $5 million. Businesses that rely on online sales, such as web ticketing services and online retail stores, need uninterrupted connections to retain traffic and drive sales. 

Therefore, when selecting a business internet provider for your company, you must ascertain that the carrier has a good reputation for delivering consistent internet speeds in your area and is quick to fix network issues. 

Fast Download and Upload Speed 

The internet speed that you need is directly proportional to internet usage at your company. For example, businesses that are heavily reliant on online activity and have a large cohort of employees using multiple devices will need a minimum download speed of 100 Mbps and at least 25 Mbps of upload speed. 

There is a general rule of thumb that you can follow when trying to determine the ideal internet speed for your business. 

No. of EmployeesOnline ActivityMinimum Speed Maximum Speed 
Up to 10 employees Basic: Emails, file transfers, video conferences10 Mbps50 Mbps 
Up to 20 employees Heavy file transfers, Zoom calls, downloads, video streaming etc. 100 Mbps 500 Mbps 
Up to 100 employees E-commerce, crowded usage, heavy file transfers, etc.500 Mbps1000 Mbps 
More than 100 employees Multiple e-commerce platforms, web hosting, file transfers, video conferencing, etc. 1000 Mbps 1 Tbps 

Affordable Rates

Internet bills are a regular business expense. Successful entrepreneurs know that businesses thrive when they achieve high levels of efficiency and effectiveness at the lowest operational costs. It will be useless to pay $300 per month for a premium business plan when you can meet your business goals with the $150 per month plan. 

As a business owner, you must look for business internet providers that can deliver the fastest internet speeds at the most affordable rates.  

Business-Friendly Features

Having a reliable, high-speed internet connection may not be enough for your enterprise. If you are in a line of business that deals with classified information, or you are wary about protecting your trade secrets, then you need additional services like cybersecurity. 

Business internet providers that can offer perks such as a contract-free internet service, price guarantees, and bundle deals always supersede those that don’t. Therefore, you must ask your business internet provider if they offer any benefits with the service. 

Coverage Area of Business Internet Providers 

The United States of America is a pioneer in internet technology. From its advent to adoption and continued innovation, the US has led the world in lightning-fast broadband connections. Unfortunately, there are still some parts of the country that struggle with wired and terrestrial internet connectivity. At the moment, 90 percent of the country has internet access through wired and unwired connections. 

The coverage area of business internet providers by type:

  • Business internet providers offering cable internet: 90 percent of the country
  • Business internet providers offering DSL internet: 88 percent of the country
  • Business internet providers offering fiber internet: 43 percent of the country
  • Business internet providers offering fixed wireless service: 80 percent of the country
  • Business internet providers offering satellite internet: 95 percent of the country

In our assessment of the best business internet providers in 2022, we took into account the countrywide availability of each carrier. After all, what is the point if a business internet provider offers superior service but is inaccessible in most cities and towns? 

Coverage Area
Business Internet Providers  Countrywide Availability
Viasat Business 50 states 
EarthLink Business 48 states 
Spectrum Business 41 states 
Comcast Business 40 states 
Frontier Business  25 states 
AT&T Business  21 states 
Cox Business  19 states 
Windstream Business  18 states 
CenturyLink Business 17 states 
Verizon Fios Business  10 states 

If you are one of those who believe in forging long-term business partnerships, then you must consider the top three, most widely available business internet providers. In the future, if you decide to relocate your business to another city or state, you can stay loyal to either Viasat, Earthlink, or Spectrum as most likely, they will offer their services in your new venture hub. 

Final Word 

The Internet is an indispensable tool for businesses today. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar retail store or a high-tech startup, you need broadband access to survive and thrive. Today, nearly 30 percent of all business operations are managed online, such as financial transactions, online communication, digital advertising, and inventory management.  

We hope that by choosing one of these top 10 business internet providers, you will get the broadband speed and reliability you need to facilitate effective internal and external business communication.