The countdown has begun for the world’s biggest sporting event of the year. FIFA World Cup 2022 is starting with a bang on Sunday, November 20 at Al-Bayt National Stadium, Qatar. It will be the first time since 2014, that Team USA will take its place among the 32 contenders to battle it out for the glorious World Cup trophy.

In the USA, only FOX, Fox Sports 1, and Telemundo have the exclusive rights to broadcast the FIFA World Cup live from Qatar. 

Here is a complete guide on how you can watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 on your cable TV, satellite TV, and streaming services.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2022

If you are a millennial, you must remember watching the FIFA World Cup on ESPN Sports. You probably remember the unforgettable moment from 2014 when Mario Gotze scored a goal against Argentina in the extra time and led Germany to the World Cup win. ESPN had exclusive TV rights for the live broadcast of the FIFA World Cup since 1994. But for the FIFA World Cup 2022, the privilege has been passed on to Fox Sports 1 for the play-by-play commentary in English and Telemundo for the Spanish telecast. 

The FIFA World Cup Qatar will be a huge event in the USA. After a break of eight years, the men’s national team will be returning to the international fields to show the world that we may call it soccer, but we know all the football rules and strategies like the back of our hand. 

Team USA has been placed in Group B alongside England, Wales, and Iran. Our first match will be against Wales on November 21, at 2 p.m. ET. We will need substantial skills and extraordinary luck to beat some of the world’s strongest teams in the likes of England and Iran, and qualify for the Round of 16 and beyond. 

Football fans all over the USA can watch FIFA World Cup 2022 live on Fox Sports 1 beginning on Sunday, November 20th on the following cable TV, satellite TV, and streaming services.

FIFA World Cup 2022 on Cable TV 

The majority of the local cable TV providers in the country include Fox Sports 1 in their basic, mid-level, and top-tier monthly packages. America’s largest cable TV service providers like Xfinity by Comcast, Spectrum by Charter Communications, and Optimum by Altice USA offer TV plans for as low as $20 per month. Subscribers can get up to 200 channels including all the prominent local news, entertainment, and sports channels. 

Let’s look at some of America’s best cable TV providers that offer FOX Sports and FS1.

ProviderPlan offering FS1PriceChannelsChannel. NoContact Provider
SpectrumSpectrum TV Select $59.99/mo125+400Call Now
Comcast Popular TV$60.00/mo125+114Call Now
Optimum Optimum Core TV$105.00/mo201+213Call Now
MediacomVariety TV $79.99/mo170+42Call Now
Cable OneStandard Cable $99.75/mo100146Call Now

From the above table, it is evident that if you want to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on cable TV, then the best and most affordable cable TV provider for you will be Spectrum by Charter Communications. Spectrum is the second biggest cable TV provider in the US by the number of subscribers. It has more than 15.5 million customers for its cable TV service. Spectrum offers the most affordable TV plan with Fox Sports 1. You can watch Fox Sports 1 on Spectrum for just $59.99 per month on channel 400 and enjoy the live coverage of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. 

FIFA World Cup 2022 on Satellite TV 

The two most prominent satellite TV providers for paid subscribers in the country are DISH TV and DirecTV. Unlike cable TV services in the country, satellite TV providers can offer a wide variety of national and international TV channels to their customers. Being extraterrestrial TV providers, satellite TV companies are not bound by statewide restrictions and can also air regional channels such as Fox Southeast, Fox West, and Fox Arizona on their add-on Sports Packages (DirecTV Sports Pack). 

Provider Plans Offering FS1 Price  Channels Channel No. Contact Provider
DISH TV America’s Top 120 $69.99/mo 190 150 Call Now
America’s Top 120 PLUS $84.66/mo 190+
America’s Top 200 $94.99/mo 240+
America’s Top 250 $104.99/mo 290+
DIRECTV DirecTV Entertainment  $64.99/mo 160+ 219 Call Now
DirecTV Choice $69.99/mo 185+
DirecTV Ultimate $84.99/mo 250+
DirecTV Premier $134.99/mo 330+

DirecTV is the nation’s best satellite TV provider for local TV and on-demand content. It has surpassed DISH TV in the number of subscribers around the country and today boasts to have more than 21 million American customers. DirecTV plans are cheaper than DISH TV and offer more value to their subscribers. 

You can watch Fox Sports 1 on DirecTV for just $64.99 per month on channel 219 and enjoy the live coverage of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 from the comfort of your home. 

FIFA World Cup 2022 on Streaming Platforms

All those who don’t have a paid subscription to a cable TV or satellite TV provider can watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on some of the best streaming platforms in the country. Those who wish to watch the live broadcast in Spanish can subscribe to Peacock. Peacock is offering live streaming of FIFA World Cup 2022 for free until November 24. After the promo period, you will be charged a small fee of $5 per month.

Streaming ServicePriceFOXFox Sports 1Telemundo
DirecTV Stream$70.00/moYesYesYes
Fubo TV$70.00/moYes YesYes
Sling TV$40.00/moYesYesNo
YouTube TV$65.00/moYesYesYes
Hulu Live TV$70.00/moYesYesYes
Fox Sports Go app$65.00/moNoYes No

Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Live on DirecTV Stream

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There are only four streaming services in the USA that will carry all the channels with exclusive rights to broadcast FIFA World Cup live from Qatar. Among these four, DirecTV Stream is the most reliable streaming service for HD coverage of the FIFA Cup due to its dependence on satellite transmission. 

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

Day Date Match ups Time (E.T.)
Sunday Nov 20 Qatar vs. Ecuador 11 am
Monday Nov 21 England vs. Iran 8 am
Senegal vs. Netherlands 11 am
United States of America vs. Wales 2 pm
Tuesday Nov 22 Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia 5 am
Denmark vs. Tunisia 8 am
Mexico vs. Poland 11 am
France vs. Australia 2 pm
Wednesday Nov 23 Morocco vs. Croatia 5 am
Germany vs. Japan 8 am
Spain vs. Costa Rica 11 am
Belgium vs. Canada 2 pm
Thursday Nov 24 Switzerland vs. Cameroon 5 am
Uruguay vs. South Korea 8 am
Portugal vs. Ghana 11 am
Brazil vs. Serbia 2 pm
Friday Nov 25 Wales vs. Iran 5 am
Qatar vs. Senegal 8 am
Netherlands vs. Ecuador 11 am
England vs. The United States 2 pm
Saturday Nov 26 Tunisia vs. Australia 5 am
Poland vs. Saudi Arabia 8 am
France vs. Denmark 11 am
Argentina vs. Mexico 2 pm
Sunday Nov 27 Japan vs. Costa Rica 5 am
Belgium vs. Morocco 8 am
Croatia vs. Canada 11 am
Spain vs. Germany 2 pm
Monday Nov 28 Cameroon vs. Serbia 5 am
South Korea vs. Ghana 8 am
Brazil vs. Switzerland, 11 am
Portugal vs. Uruguay 2 pm
Tuesday Nov 29 Netherlands vs. Qatar 10 am
Ecuador vs. Senegal 10 am
Wales vs. England 2 pm
Iran vs. The United States 2 pm
Wednesday Nov 30 Tunisia vs. France 10 am
Australia vs. Denmark 10 am
Poland vs. Argentina 2 pm
Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico 2 pm
Thursday Dec 1 Croatia vs. Belgium 10 am
Canada vs. Morocco 10 am
Japan vs. Spain 2 pm
Costa Rica vs. Germany 2 pm
Friday Dec 2 South Korea vs. Portugal 10 am
Ghana vs. Uruguay 10 am
Cameroon vs. Brazil 2 pm
Serbia vs. Switzerland 2 pm
Round of 16
Saturday Dec 3 Group A winners vs. Group B runners-up 10 am
Group C winners vs. Group D runners-up 2 pm
Sunday Dec 4 Group D winners vs. Group C runners-up 10 am
Group B winners vs. Group A runners-up 2 pm
Monday Dec 5 Group E winners vs. Group F runners-up 10 am
Group G winners vs. Group H runners-up 2 pm
Tuesday Dec 6 Group F winners vs. Group E runners-up 10 am
Group H winners vs. Group G runners-up 2 pm
Quarter Finals
Friday Dec 9 Quarterfinal 1 10 am
Quarterfinal 2 2 pm
Saturday Dec10 Quarterfinal 3 10 am
Quarterfinal 4 2 pm
Tuesday Dec 13 Semi-Final 1 2 pm
Wednesday Dec 14 Semi-Final 2 2 pm
Third Place
Saturday Dec 17 Semi-final 1 loser vs. Semi-final 2 loser 10 am
Sunday Dec 18 Semi-Final 1 winner vs. Semi-Final 2 winner 10 am


Join millions of football fans around the world as they tune in to Fox Sports to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 live from Qatar. The opening match between Qatar and Ecuador will kick off on Sunday, November 20 at 11 a.m. ET. Catch the live telecast on Spectrum TV, DirecTV, and DirecTV Stream to cheer on our national heroes as they represent us on the soccer field.